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Pregnancy During COVID-19 Pandemic

by Sheena Sankhla 24 May 2021 0 Comments


A life nurturing inside you...congrats you are pregnant!! Planned or unplanned, the very second you realize that you are pregnant, you may experience a myriad of emotions. While planned pregnancy may bring an end to your wait along with a sense of achievement; unplanned can throw you in for a sweet surprise. Whatever it may be one thing for sure is that it is just the start of a roller coaster ride ahead.

Motherhood is best enjoyed from the time one is pregnant but due to the uncertain time we are going through, currently many pregnant women are experiencing a lot of negative emotions like fear, anxiety, depression, unease to name a few. Remember always that once you are at the verge of becoming mother you are already strong and each day as you get closer to meeting your little one you only have to develop your strength and positivity.

To all the lovely would be mommies, if you have become pregnant amidst pandemic please stop over thinking at first. Something as precious as the nine months of nurturing a life inside you shouldn’t be spent in distress. Due to the present scenario some amount of stress is seen in everyone and that is fine to a stage where you are careful in taking precautions and keeping yourself safe. 

From my personal experience of delivering child when the Covid-19 crisis was at its peak and some discussions with fellow mommies, I have collated few tips to help you keep positive and going good in your pregnancy journey.

Focus on pregnancy

A lot is going on around you and inside you.

Lots of negative news to bombard your brains so refrain from watching news and forward messages all the time. They unnecessarily occupy your brain space. It is important to be aware of what is happening in the world and around you but the amount and intensity of absorbing totally depends on you!

Instead focus on the inside part – your pregnancy.

  • Lots of mother baby apps and websites are there to provide you info on how your foetus grows inside your belly. It would be great to educate yourself day by day of your baby’s growth.
  • Invest in a good book as per your interest related to pregnancy, motherhood, parenting if you like to read. 
  • Apart from taking ample rest do what you love the most. Recollect your hobbies be it painting, writing, singing, watching favourite movies with partner. You will definitely find solace and little time to think about outside worries. 
  • Listen to music. Soothing music not only relaxes your brain but research has found it to have a positive impact on the baby as well. Make sure to avoid wireless earphones/headphones as radiation emitted from Bluetooth is found to be harmful for babies. 

Develop good routines

The routines you follow now will not only have an impact on your health in the coming days but also on your foetus. For ex. a lot of mothers these days complain of babies not wanting to sleep at night on time. Hyper activeness in babies is attributed to the fact that their mothers were also not following a proper sleep schedule during pregnancy. As per your schedule develop and maintain good routines right from the start of pregnancy.

  • Gratitude works wonders!! Start your mornings with the feeling of gratitude in your heart for the life you would create and be responsible for.
  • Meditate and deep breathe. Try to do a quick 15 min walk on your terrace or inside your home itself. This will help you keep calm and set a positive tone for the entire day ahead.
  • Eat a nutritious well balanced diet as per your health and according to your gynaecologist’s advice. Lot of emphasis is being given on ‘kadha’, green teas, turmeric milk and other ayurvedic decoctions. Do not abruptly try anything just because you read it in newspaper that it saves from Covid-19 or a friend suggested it. Be mindful of your eating as that is what gives nutrition to the baby too. Do consult your doctor before starting anything new or any food item you are unsure of.

Never be your own doctor

Hormones are rapidly changing inside you making adjustments in your body continuously to support your developing foetus. This can result in aversion to certain foods, excessive hunger, acidity, weakness, headache, sleeplessness and tiredness especially in the first trimester. Do not google a lot and try to be your own doctor. Instead do the following:

  • Be watchful of any new changes or symptoms you find in your body and consult your doctor immediately. 
  • Book an online medical consultation if possible.
  • Do not mix your pregnancy borne symptoms with the ongoing Covid-19 situation. Let doctor decide.

Preparation for delivery

Prepare for your delivery well in advance so that there is no last moment rush.

  • Keep a good stock of sanitizers, gloves and masks. Now that you will regularly step out of house for checkups you will need them quite often. 
  • Think about baby names, declutter your house space, make changes as would be required after the little ones arrival and indulge in some baby shopping.
  • Maintain a diary to note down your pregnancy and motherhood experience month by month and moment by moment.

Lastly just love yourself. Enjoy your womanhood, enjoy your motherhood. Embrace yourself. Each moment of pregnancy is like you and only your baby. You both are one now and you surely going to miss her kicks once she is out. So create good memories and cherish each moment until you house your baby inside your belly.

How are you all feeling my lovely would be mommies? Do you have any stress/tension or you want more tips or share some tips with fellow mummies? Feel free to share your journey, views and experiences in the comments below. Waiting to hear from you all. Have a memorable pregnancy journey


Visual effects artist by profession, Sheena has worked on the post production of several Bollywood and Hollywood movies. Loves to write and paint in her spare time. Currently she is on her motherhood break and takes interest in enlightening other women with her motherhood experiences and knowledge.

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Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this post are the personal views of the author. They do not necessarily reflect the views of The Mom Store.

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