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Post Quarantine Syndrome & What You Need To Know

When you spend more than a half month in isolation. The all-time is yours. You take care of your health, likes. Your priority is only your recovery and suddenly from...

Post Quarantine Syndrome & What You Need To Know



Hello readers, I am back with my post quarantine experience. First of all, I would like to thank all of you for such love and support on my first blog.  

I felt that after completing my quarantine period with such a planner, my post quarantine didn't go that well. I was supposed to be all fine and back to my routine. But nothing happened like that. The day I was out, I started suffering from anxiety. Meeting people, facing them, everything made me feel heavy. Here are a few experiences I had after the quarantine period.


After completing isolation time, I got very nervous facing everyone. I started feeling cringed. I had anxiety about how I would behave or respond to everyone.

Not fit Physically 

I realised even after doing regular exercise in an isolation period. I was not ready physically. I was well aware of that as consulted by the doctor. But still, I didn't know how much impact it would make. I mean, I was not able to do the regular household work. My legs were paining and my hands were shivering. I mean, I started getting anxiety attacks again and again. How am I going to manage the work with my toddler? 

I tried pushing myself hard, which impacted my behavioural issues.

Behavioural Issues

When you are not feeling well physically and mentally, it starts having an impact on you emotionally. I started getting angry about small-small things. The anger became the rage. I was not having control over my emotions, anger. I was behaving very badly with everyone including my daughter.

Less of Me time

When you spend more than a half month in isolation. The all-time is yours. You take care of your health, likes. Your priority is only your recovery and suddenly from the day, you come out everything changes. You can hardly spare time for yourself. This makes you more frustrated and heightens your anxiety. The same happened to me.

I started thinking that I will have a fight and argument with everyone. And one day I busted out madly at home. This made me more concerned. It was difficult for me to make everyone understand. I spoke with my husband Lokesh. He told me not to worry, he will accompany me to talk with everyone. He stood with me as always. I am very lucky to have such an ally. We sat with everyone and explained to them what I am going through. We took the below actions.

  • I consulted my doctor. I told her about my situation. She said post quarantine many patients suffered from anxiety, depression, stress. She asked me to consult a psychologist. Even she told me to maintain a journal. She said this will help me to analyse where I am going wrong. How to deal with the situations better. Was it worth fighting and arguing? I felt quite better after talking to her. She also mentioned that it is completely okay. Just to stay positive and try to take out time as much as possible.
  • I understand, I am going through some kind of behavioural issues and it's ok to visit a psychologist. So I decided to talk with my husband and other family members.
  • I spoke with my husband and other family members regarding this. They supported me. 
  • I consulted a psychologist. She asked me to write down my feelings and try to avoid the argument. Even she told me to take a break and go out somewhere. I decided to visit my mother place. It helped me.

I hope my experience will help you to deal with the situation better. Don't hesitate to consult a doctor, if you are also suffering from post quarantine syndrome. Remember, the sooner you address the issue, it will become easy to survive and come out of this.


Monika Kothari is a blogger outside the experience in import and export company as a Public Relation Executive, Marketing Executive in outdoor media firm. She is a house wife and a mother of beautiful daughter. She is passionate about writing her experience and sharing to the world. 

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