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My Learnings From The World In The Womb!

by Esha Bhavin 19 Apr 2021 0 Comments

Ever wondered what babies do inside the womb for 9 long months? We fail to sit peacefully at a given place for more than 9 minutes without any activity or gadgets and trust me even our meditation sessions aren’t that focused!

It’s so intriguing to know as to what these ‘Tiny Marvels’ do for such a huge period and this has been my prime topic of reading throughout my Pregnancy journey. And here I am thrilled to document some of my chief learnings.

Trust your ‘Will’ & ‘Vibe', they never ever fail! 

The ‘Tiny Marvels’ are prime examples of the fact that ‘Will’ is the most important force for any life to sustain and survive! The baby in the womb is so willing to learn anything that it is taught and even history has witnessed this trait with Abhimanyu learning the art of breaking into the Chakravyuha when he was in his mother, Subhadra’s womb! Likewise, we moms too need to be Life-Long Learners and Dream Big, always! No matter the age or conditions, learning something shall always uplift us.

And then is the ‘Vibe’!! We Moms need to understand this main fact and absorb it from the babies and adapt to it. ‘Energy’, ‘Intuition’ and ‘Motherly instinct’ never fail and that is just right to guide us through all our life endeavours.

Adapt to the Environment, the Ultimate Key to all your Locks of Life

Babies in the Womb are so adaptive and alert within and master the traits of Listening, Breathing, Responding and Exploring on their own which makes them so ready to master their senses whenever they are out. We are so used to getting ‘bored’ alone and hardly enjoy our ‘ME’ time, but these angels make the best out of their ‘Alone’ time and explore endless possibilities for Self-growth and Development. Also adapting to the environment helps them implement the famous philosophy of ‘Bloom where you are planted’ and make the most out of it!

So mamas, Shine on… No matter where you are planted!

Love Thyself and Smile Through Life

Sonography images capture babies smiling in the womb which melts our hearts and teaches us to love ourselves and smile through in life! This is such a huge Leaning and trust me, implementing this makes you feel closer to your little angles and also adds a ‘Glow’ on your face; after all, you Glow differently when you are happy and content!

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Esha Bhavin Shah is a Pharmacy Academician by profession, Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner & Trainer by passion (Corporate & Academia), PhD Research Scholar, Blogger & Content Writer and kinaesthetic performer by heart!

Mama Q (Mother to Qaynaat) 

Mother to my baby blog #lettingtheinnerinkFLOW 

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