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Motherhood: A Full Time Job

Usually the father of my son would visit us during weekends however this Corona Virus situation and the interstate restriction he is not able to come home and has somehow...

Motherhood: A Full Time Job

Photo by Hira Sundus on Unsplash


I am a full-time working mom or let us say I was; my husband and I am posted a town apart and yes in this competitive modern world we women need to balance both worlds and its not that tough. Usually the father of my son would visit us during weekends however this Corona Virus situation and the interstate restriction he is not able to come home and has somehow crippled me to the extent that I needed to skip office because I am posted in a remote location with no family nearby. To be honest I have cried little tears as I gave in to the world’s drama, but soon found strength and it was none other than my son. He is turning 4 next month and he gives me hope in a hopeless world and the courage to fight on and take care of self so that I can take care of him.

I have taken everything positively and made little routine adjustment with my little boy and one of them is to teach him basic life skills like cleaning the room, picking up clothes, folding them, watering the plants, washing his clothes one at a time, even let him knead the dough and it’s been challenging and fun to keep him busy. It will not be like your imagination so keep your thinking realistic and be ready to be the super mom that you already are.

Kids are very inquisitive learners and also get easily bored therefore we need to fill in new activities for them each day and this takes them away from Television and other screens. We are still getting use to the new normal but kids look at them they adjust so easily and that’s the attitude we should also try to inculcate to cope with this stressful situation we are in. Also, story times can be educational too. Teaching them about plants or the human body in a narrative story telling way can provide them with lots of information. We can even let them understand the current situation without making them afraid of it rather aware with storytelling. This gives me ideas about writing small stories I tell my son to entertain him as well as educate so that it helps anyone who need it.

One such story I narrate to him is about the current situation and here it goes-

Once upon a time the Earth was so bored that he decided to make a new friend. Just when he was sitting quietly a Virus came by and befriended the Earth but soon it turned out not to be a friend (instead of telling them negative word like ‘enemy’ we can instill in them light words) and started hurting Earth and all its people. Now what will the Earth do and who will help her? “we will” replied the people of the Earth, “you’ve taken such good care of us like our mummy’s do, now it’s our time”, the Earth smiled and told the solution of the problem too and how to end the Virus. The only way to keep the Virus out was to stay at home, it was as easy as that. Now adults together with little kids like you helped the earth to get rid of the Virus. And soon finding no one to hurt the virus also got bored and left. Sometimes we meet such people who are not so good for us and the only way to save ourselves is to stay away from them. The End.

Hope you liked my lockdown activities with my kid. Kindly share me inputs of how you are dealing with the lockdown and the kids at home, as I am open to learning!

Stay safe, Stay at home.

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Dipti Thapa

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