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7 Tips for Balanced and Happy Motherhood Journey

by Sonam Jain 14 Apr 2021 5 Comments
7 tips to a balanced and happy motherhood journey


Namit’s birth in December 2019 started a chapter of life. 9 months of happy pregnancy, 5 hours of sheer labour pain, and an array of mood swings has made me a Mother. I was promoted then. A promotion comes with more responsibilities and accountabilities. 

Namit is now 16 months old. In the past 16 months I have realised that being a mother has its fair share of ups and downs. But there are secrets to being a happy mom, who in turn raises happy kids. The key to everything starts from prioritizing and staying positive. Many mothers have some consistent habits that help them survive with their kids while being a bundle of joy. There is no set mantra for being a happy mom and all us mothers have our days but in general, you can follow certain tips to help yourself.  


  1. Indulge In Food And Sleep – Motherhood has over the years become synonymous with being food-deprived and sleep-deprived. But this shouldn’t become the rule. Giving up on everything for your kids will ensure you end up being an unhappy mom. You have to put yourself and your health first, which means you should eat well and sleep well.
  2. Get Physical – Motherhood can bring you to complete mental and physical exhaustion. So rather than becoming physically exhausted, why don't try and become physically fit? Indulge in a mental and physical workout, give time to Yoga or other stress-busting activities and release some endorphins that help you become happy and stress-free.
  3. Ask For Help When Needed – As a mother, you can’t be aiming for perfection and try to do it all on your own. This will end up making your kids unhappy. You have to accept your imperfections and understand that it is natural to get exhausted. So, get up and ask for help without feeling guilty about it. This will help you devote time to yourself and in making you a more balanced mom.
  4. Plan Fun Activities – One of the best ways to break the monotony of motherhood is by getting out and participating in fun activities. You can indulge in some fun hangouts with your girl pals while arranging another fun activity for the kids. This will give you some time to let your hair down.
  5. Cuddle A Lot – Many studies have proven that cuddling your kids and hugging them frequently releases stress from the body. Many mothers indulge in embracing their kids very often and everything seems worthwhile to them. At least till the time, your kids love you cuddling them, do not shy away from giving and getting all the love.
  6. Pursue A Hobby – One of the best ways to dump all the stress in the bin is by making time for something that you love. You should indulge in a hobby that you were pursuing earlier but stopped after becoming a mother. Restart those guitar classes, or painting lessons, or dance sessions. Just whatever you love, make time for that hobby again.
  7. Stay Motivated – Many mothers lose motivation to become happy after a while. They accept their life as an endless chore and stop doing anything for themselves. The first step towards being a happy mom is by staying motivated to be one. Read good books, talk to your peers and fellow mothers and get tips!

Just after 3 months of Namit’s birth; the nation was locked down. We were all in homes. It was with the help of these tips that I managed to be someone I always wanted to be as a mother. Following all the above tips will surely help you become a more balanced and happier mom.

Happy Motherhood!


Dr. Sonam Jain is a Doctorate in Management Studies. She has altogether working experience of 5 years with IIM Indore and SFRI Jabalpur. She has also worked with two academic publication houses from Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh. In December 2019 she embraced motherhood. To relish her motherhood and use her Research Skills; now by profession she is a Freelance Content Creator and Blogger.

Read her at https://www.sonamkeshabd.com/ 

Connect her with at FacebookInstagram and LinkedIn

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Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this post are the personal views of the author. They do not necessarily reflect the views of The Mom Store.

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20 Apr 2021 Anshuma Jain

Can relate to these tips..well compiled!

15 Apr 2021 Anindita sah

Loved the read. Worth it.

15 Apr 2021 Swati Gupta

What an amazing read! These tips are gonna useful in the long run. Thank you @themomstore for bringing up such wonderful Mommy on board. Looking forward for such amazing articles

15 Apr 2021 Swati Gupta

What an amazing read! These tips are gonna useful in the long run. Thank you @themomstore for bringing up such wonderful Mommy on board. Looking forward for such amazing articles

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