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Mommies Are The Best

by Anusha Santosh 17 Aug 2020 4 Comments

Mommies Are The Best

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Have you finished drinking your milk?  Could you be more careful?  Don’t play with water, watch yourself - you might slip. Keep chewing, finish your meal. It’s past bedtime you need to sleep.    Hmmm…  did you relate to any of this? Well yes, like yours they are part of my daily dialogue routine too. Being a mother is just to see your heart walk all around the world. These teeny tiny human beings depend entirely on us and yes, the constant anxiety to make sure they are happy, fit and healthy, well behaved at all times - we mothers put ourselves under stress. The icing on the cake is when you have a baby and a toddler growing up together – one who can’t understand anything and the other who just wants to learn and be all by themselves.

When I am with my child playing or talking my mind still waivers around what’s to be cooked for the next meal, I have to place an  order for the next week grocery and essentials, what’s my next activity, my baby is not eating properly, when is the next scheduled appointment for vaccination ,which learning activity to give for my kid and a never ending To- Do list which never gets knocked off completely. We are blessed with the ability to multitask and knit everything together, the other side to it is If we don't multitask the 24 hours might not be enough even with a helping hand from the loving and caring father.

Amidst all this I might end up talking to my kid in a louder tone owing to the restlessness and in the anticipation of completion of the task by the little monster. It doesn’t make me a bad mom, it doesn’t have to please everyone around me as none of the people around will be aware of the background scene, it’s between me and my kid. If am strict with my kids on some aspects its for their betterment, the entire world knows there can never be a better person than a mother in nurturing the kids but still mothers are judged for every action they take the way they deal with the tantrums the way they do things for the kids, the way they give food, the way they dress up, screen time, play time , daily schedule for the kids . What works for one might not work for the other, every individual and their abilities and interests are different. Here are some of the toys for your little one to develop the sensory and mortar skills.

A healthy child dwells in a healthy mother likewise a happy mother can raise a happy and a content child making the future of the society bright. We mothers have to support each other in this journey and enjoy the bliss of Motherhood- the most important and the beautiful phase in any woman’s life. Educate, discuss and suggest the new moms about the parenting tips, how to deal with the kids and many child related issues and aspects but in the end let the mother decide what suits her kid and herself and what fits better in her life.  After all, Motherhood is a journey of knowing your own self identifying the strengths you never had and living with the fears that never existed.


Anusha Santosh


Anusha Santosh is a stay at home Mom. She worked as a process lead for JP Morgan India, quit to continue her motherhood journey during the initial years of her kids.



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18 Aug 2020 Giridhar Nandagiri

Good One Anusha… Many More to come

17 Aug 2020 Pratham singh


17 Aug 2020 Jyothi

Truly insightful and comprehensive. Reflection of reality. Keep going.

17 Aug 2020 Anuradha

True,every woman who experienced that stage will surely understand ur feelings.Good expression.Hats off to motherhood

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