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Moles During Pregnancy and What You Need to Know

by Rashmi Bajpai 07 May 2021 0 Comments


What are moles?

Moles are small spots, which is of different size and colour on the skin. Generally, they are round in shape and small in size. We inherited moles from our parents. They can be black, dark brown, light brown, and red in colours. These seem to be normal to our body as we got them since our infancy and childhood. But it’s a big topic of tension if these existing moles changed their shape, colour, and size during pregnancy. Sometimes a new mole appears during pregnancy. Although these are not harmful to you.

During the gestation period, they generally appeared on the belly, thighs, armpits, and breast area. Sometimes expecting mothers felt some changes in existing moles. They look larger in size and darker in colour. These changes occur because of hormonal changes during the gestation period. These moles will go away after the birth of your baby and existing moles disappear. According to the gynecologist, these are normal changes in the expecting mother as her hormones changed. You no need to worry about these moles until you observe something different from usual skin. 

Are these Moles risky during pregnancy?

  • If any of your moles become Melanoma (when there is the change in pigment and combination of multiple moles at the same place).
  • If any of them bleed and create itching.
  • If their size becomes abnormal.
  • If the border of the mole becomes irregular and increases in abnormal size.
  • If the size of one half of your mole is different from others. Only then do you consider them as abnormal sizes?
  • If the diameter of the mole is more than a quarter of one inch.
  • If they rise from skin level and appear above the skin level.
  • If there is a history of Melanoma in your family.

If any of the above-given activities happened to you then you should consult a doctor immediately. They will prefer further any test as such changes in your skin can be risky.

How can we check them at home?

We are not any professional doctors but initiatives taken by us can prevent serious diseases. As we know moles spots of some different colour on your skin. They can be bulged, flat, and smooth to our skin. Here we have a methodology which is suggested by doctors for regular checkup of yourself regarding moles. You can use ABCDE to self-examine these moles.

  1. Asymmetry. When you observe asymmetry in your existing moles. Which means some of them are different from others. If all of your moles are almost similar then nothing to worry about them.
  2. Border. When you observe that the border of your moles seems uneven or irregular then you should consult your doctor.
  3. Colour. If the color of your moles is not the same all over means some of them are brown, dark black and some of them are red then you need to consult your doctor.
  4. Diameter. When the diameter of your moles is larger than a quarter of an inch then it's a matter of worry for you.
  5. Elevated. When the length of moles is elevated to your skin level. If their size is normal then not to worry but if they arise above the skin level then you need to talk to your doctor.

Do moles disappear after pregnancy?

 Yes, moles disappear after pregnancy. When you give birth to your child they will disappear but if still, they exist then you should not ignore them as they can be a sign of skin cancer. So be active for changes occurring to your skin during pregnancy. Always eat healthily and loads of fruits and vegetables so that you not only nourish your fetus skin but your skin too. Taking lots of water will also help to purify your skin. So enjoy your golden time of pregnancy. Hope this topic will help expecting mothers. Happy Pregnancy to the expecting mothers.


Rashmi Bajpai is a mother of two lovely kids, Achintya (age 10 yrs) & Shivansh ( age 2 yrs). She has worked as a software engineer, now she is giving her time to her kids and also fulfilling her dreams in writing poems & blogs. She is working as an author with WeTalk group. She loves to share her experience & knowledge by writing.  

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