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Look Your Best During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a wonderful experience which brings along changes in skin and hair. For some, they are positive changes as it leads to the much sought-after glow while for others...

Look Your Best During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is a wonderful experience which brings along changes in skin and hair. For some, they are positive changes as it leads to the much sought-after glow while for others it calls for extra care as skin issues such as breakouts, blemishes, oil secretion and even skin darkening happens.  No two individuals are same and so no two would be moms face the same skin and hair changes.

To look your best during the most important phase of your life you need to follow a regular cleansing, toning and moisturising (CTM) routine twice a day.  All you need is your all time favourite cleanser, toner and moisturiser and 15 minutes to pamper your skin. You may need to change the products as per your skin as your pregnancy progresses.  Once a week you may use a mild scrub after cleansing to remove the dead skin followed by toning and moisturising. Scrubbing should be avoided in case you have pimples as scrubbing will irritate the skin and might lead to scratching.

Almost everyone faces stretch marks specially in the abdominal regions, thighs, bust, arms etc. These can be taken care of by using over the counter available oils/gels/creams prescribed by your gynaecologist.  Evidences have shown that gentle massage or application of Coconut oil, olive oil, cocoa butter also helps in managing stretch marks though their appearance cannot be ruled off completely.

Stepping out of the house calls for application of Sun Screen lotion/gel/cream having an SPF appropriate for your skin. Try to wear loose fitted clothes which do not trap sweat and you are comfortable in them.  Wearing heels especially pencils should be avoided so that you don’t have to be overcautious all the time looking for a safe place to step on. Ample options are available these days to sport trendy flat sandals, chappals, loafers, slip ons and shoes to name a few.

Waxing and facials should be done after consultation with your gynaecologist as skin is over sensitive during the time you have a little life growing inside you.  Any specific skin treatments you are undergoing or plan to take should be brought in the notice of your gynecologist.

Ingredients from your kitchen shelf also come handy during pregnancy.  Homemade multanni mitti pack, gram flour, turmeric, honey, curd, raw milk, oats, coffee, fresh cream. tomato, potato, lemon juice etc can be incorporated in your daily skin care regime for best results. These ingredients should be chosen as per your skin type and need.

Water is the ultimate elixir of life. So keep yourself hydrated. Drink as much water so that you stay active and fresh. Do carry a bottle of water from home whenever you step out. Fresh fruit juice, lemonade, lassi, coconut water etc. should also be included in your diet. Healthy meals which covers all the nutrients should be   taken at proper times.  Nuts and dry fruits should also be included in diet.

All you need to look you best is a healthy skin, a smile and lots of positivity. Make up grooms you but the real charm comes from inside.  Wear your favourite lip colour, the eyeshadow of your choice and you rock!! Stay happy and enjoy your motherhood journey.

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Dr. Loveleen SaraoDr. Loveleen Sarao works as Researcher in Ludhiana. She has an expertise in Food Microbiology. She is a mother to a beautiful five year old girl. Writing is her passion and she has also authored a Text Book of Microbiology besides several international articles. Connect with her at Instagram:, Facebook:



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