Lockdown - A Nightmare For Moms

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Lockdown - A Nightmare For Moms

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To all the supermoms who nowadays are facing whole lot of trouble because of – “THE LOCKDOWN”. We are the ones who are most affected by the quarantine period as husband at home, no school for kids, no maids, no outside food and lot more. I mean we also have 24hours a day, we are also human being, and how can we handle so much! We need to sleep too, we need rest too.

But girls; we are the ones who God has chosen and gave all the power to handle all difficult situations. Our life is always challenging and we do it all with the big smile on our face although our back is aching too much.

So how we can deal and come out of this difficult situation? And handle our kids, family and home happily and safely.

  • Firstly, take care of your health. Eat healthy and take proper diet otherwise you get irritated. Guys lots of work to do whole day so if tummy full then only mind will be fresh. If possible try doing some yoga, exercise or meditation even for 15minutes this really helps in making you fresh and calm. 
  • Secondly, don’t think you are the super-woman who have to do everything perfectly, so do some important task first. Priorities are different for everyone like I make preparation for my breakfast, lunch and dinner first so that whenever anyone ask for food anytime I don’t have to worry.
  • Let go things. If you are out of stamina let go things, world will not change if any work at your place is left. Take proper rest and give some mee-time to yourself. Watch television, listen music, facebook/whatsapp helps a lot when you want to relax.
  • Most importantly, give time to your kids as they are suffering the most. Play with them, talk to them, help them involve in some productive activity. As they really want you in their lonely time and they wait for you patiently the whole day that mom will come and spend time with them. You will also feel relax when you see your kid laughing and playing. Read the top 5 
  • New-moms are most affected as with small kid its nearly impossible to do all the work. As their body itself is very weak. Please girls don’t stress at all. Otherwise you will suffer whole life if any of your body part get stressed. Also baby will not get proper care they need. Here are some of the useful tips for new moms out there.
  • Take help of your husband as now they are in same position as you are. Do work together this will make him understand how much work you do. They will not come out of their comfort zone easily. Its in your hand how lovingly you make them help you.
  • In laws could be of great help if handle with care. Atleast they can take care of your kids and you will be free from them and do your house-chores. Just smile and ignore whatever they say and do and take their help by praising them, like say “kids love to play with their grandmom now.” 

So moms; you are not only named super-moms, you are the one. As we have to do everything happily without annoying anyone and we have to take care of our family. For any other help feel free to comment.



Ankita Modi Ankita Modi, an MBA in finance, previously a banker, is now homemaker and mother of two little boys of ages 3 years and 8 months.





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