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Tips For New Moms

A big hug to all those new mommies who endured and fought so much to bring a new life to this Earth admits so much of tension and a dreadful...

Tips For A New Mom

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Hello beautiful mommies! Hope you all are doing fine. Especially a big hug to all those new mommies who endured and fought so much to bring a new life to this Earth admits so much of tension and a dreadful pandemic. Cheers to all of us!!

 Today I would like to discuss a few tips that would help a new mom take care of herself and her little one after delivery.



As we are all aware that a new-born’s sleeping pattern is totally different from us hence a new mom would have to undergo a lot of sleepless nights. Now, to deal with this you need to match your sleep timing with the baby. Whenever the baby is taking a nap it’s your sleeping time too at least for six to eight months.


  • DIET

During this period, you will get to hear a lot of tips and suggestions from everyone as to what should be included in your diet as you will be nursing. They might also levy on you a lot of restrictions. But trust me new moms you can eat any and everything unless it’s not too spicy and fatty. But, definitely avoid junk foods otherwise it might add on to more calories than your body demands.



A very easy and effective way to deal with stretch marks is to heat a little coconut oil and put a spoon of turmeric in it and rub on the affected area. With time the stretch marks would lighten. Also, you can use the commercial items available in the market for reducing the stretch marks. Here are some products for your stretch marks.



As we are all aware that a lot of skin and hair issues are waiting for us right after pregnancy. We can use different natural remedies to cope up with it.

Natural Remedies for Hair Fall-

Hair fall is an inevitable part of the motherhood journey. But it’s definitely not the end of the world. For hair fall you can always use onion juice or amla (gooseberry) juice. A mixture of Castor oil, sesame oil and coconut oil can work wonders for your hair loss and can also promote new hair growth. You can also opt for a trendy short haircut which would help to take care of your hair in a proper way and will also make you feel elevated.

Natural Remedies for Skin Issues-

Along with hair our skin also needs a lot of pampering right after our delivery. For issues like acne, dry skin we can always use besan, milk and honey mix together to help get back the glow. We can use ice blocks on acne-prone skin it works wonders. Also, new moms you can use a slice of tomato and rub it all over your face, leave for 5-10 minutes and wash with cold water for glowing skin.



As a new mom definitely, you would have to deal with so many issues. At times it might be painful and stressful. But you need to relax and give time to yourself as well as the baby. Things will be sorted out in a few couples of days. A simple tip to avoid back pain and neck sprain is that while nursing the baby don’t keep looking at the baby. You can relax your head on the wall or a cushion and listen to a song which would help you calm and soothe yourself. Also, in case if you get blisters on the area due to continuous sucking you can just apply a little breastmilk or coconut oil and it will be fine in a day or two. Plus, let the baby nurse from both the sides equally to promote equal flow.



While we would be so concerned about our increasing weight, what I would suggest new moms is that don’t stress yourself thinking about weight gain since it's inevitable.

  We need to wait for at least six months to start our work out or do exercise. Also, it’s a proven fact that nursing helps us to reduce and manage our weight. You can also avoid oily as well as fatty foods from your diet to manage your weight.

Last, but not the least this is the time for you to bond with your little one and weave some wonderful memories so you need to keep yourself positive no matter what. Don’t forget you have brought a new and beautiful life on this Earth. So, you are magical and beautiful in every way. So, new moms stay positive and thrive on this difficult yet precious journey called “MOTHERHOOD”.


All The Best!


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Jusmi Saikia

Jusmi Saikia, mother to a one year old daughter is a  teacher by profession in one of the reputed schools in Bangalore, India. She shares an immense love for writing as well as reading. She loves to write and share her ideas with the world around.




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