Little Yogis : Introducing Kids To Yoga & Meditation



Young kids are naturally active, vigorous, and flexible. All their bundled-up energy needs to be channelized in an effective way that keeps them physically and mentally fit and strong. Yoga has the key to all this and more. Little kids can learn to improve their balance, posture, and ability to concentrate with yoga and meditation. It is a fun way for kids to practice meditation and enjoy peaceful moments of calmness. Introduce your kids to the joys of yoga at an early age and see them getting hooked to it for lifelong. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind as your little yogi embarks on his/her journey:

  • Monkey see monkey do: Kids acquire a new habit the best when they see their elders do the same. Practice yoga along with your kids and encourage or motivate them to imitate you.
  • Cozy surroundings: Practice yoga in clutter-free and warm surroundings, preferably barefoot. Keep the clothing comfortable and loose.
  • Keep it fun: Try to make it fun and playful. Play around with the poses and keep them simple yet amusing.
  • Do not force: Forceful imposition will only lead to aversion. Let the kids enjoy and cherish the positive experiences of yoga. Do not force them into a position.
  • Support their pace: Every child has his/her own pace which needs to be appreciated and supported. Let the child move and pose as per their abilities without pushing them to do anything that can be uncomfortable or physical exertion for them.
  • Breathing techniques can wait: Depending on the age of your child, you can defer the introduction of breathing techniques during the yoga poses. Let them breathe consistently and focus on the pose in the initial stages. As they get the hang of the poses, tell them when to inhale, hold their breath and exhale. 
  • Practice and practice some more: It is not for nothing that they say “practice makes a man perfect”. Allow your kids to practice a few poses and work around them for the starters. Do not overwhelm them with too many poses or asanas. Let them play around and have fun in a pose before you move to the next one. 
  • Time it appropriately: As is with every other form of exercise or physical activity, yoga should not be done immediately after meals. Time it appropriately so that the child benefits from the practice. 
  • Play some soulful music: To amp up the fun factor and to keep the child’s interest alive, you can try to play some soothing music that can pacify them and help them meditate and concentrate better. 
  • Enjoy your experiences: The most important thing is to develop a healthy habit, bond with the child, and enjoy the moments rather than look for perfection in poses. 

The above-mentioned points will not only hold you in good stead but will ensure that your kids have a lifelong relationship with yoga.


Vichitra Goel is a post graduate in English literature and has worked as a University Professor till the time she became a mother. Since then she's been busy raising a little reader, writing, Instagramming, DIY-ing, hoarding craft-supplies, and procrastinating decluttering! 

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