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Kids & Winter

by Megha Patel 23 Dec 2020 0 Comments
Kids & Winter
Photo by Jimmy Conover on Unsplash

Winter season has started. The cold wave has begun to hit our bones. Winters can make you feel the chills. Kids are affected a lot by this and so are the adults. We see lot of kids getting sick in this season due to cold, cough, viral etc. It is rightly said ‘Prevention is better than cure’.

Here are some of the few tips for extra care and protection for your kids this winter.

Kids can have hypothermia more easily and quickly. This means that they have a larger area from which heat is lost. It is always better to put kids in good multiple layers of clothing ranging from coat, jackets, thermals, sweat shirts, sweater, socks and gloves. Make sure to cover head of the infants all the time. Infants Cranium is not formed by the time they turn 18 months, so they need to be protected from cold. They are prone to lose a lot of heat through the skin on head. There are lot of personalised sweaters, sweatshirts available in the market. One can also get it designed as per their need. Make sure to cover your kid’s feet with socks all the time.

Skin is another part which is to be taken care of. Toddlers and Infants skin is very smooth, soft and sensitive. Prolonged exposure to cold wave can make their skin harsh or say lead to unwanted scars from pathological eruptions and lesions. A simple lip balm or chap-stick can make wonders to their lips from getting cracked and becoming a nuisance. There are different lotions available for body, special hand cream, special foot cream for babies can bring moisture to their skin. One can simply apply petroleum jelly as well to keep the skin soft and moisturised. It is not necessary to apply soap to body if you make your kids bath every day.

Bathing can be done every alternate day in winter. It is not necessary to take bath twice a day in winter. Children don’t feel like bathing with cold water or extreme hot water. Hot water can make the skin peel off because of dehydration. Always use warm water for bath and make sure you do not give much time to your kids to play in water. Pat dry your child with soft towel and dress them up early without any exposure to cold. You can use winter caps, mitten and booties sets to keep their head, hand and feet warm.  Don’t forget to make them clean their hands before and after meals. That is a must any time of the year.

Another focus should be on FOOD. Children are more prone to sickness due to lower immunity. They should be properly fed. Proper nutrition and drinking water will make them more nourished. Fresh Fruits, Green Veggies, Milk is a must for them. A hot cup of cocoa can also do wonders to them. The antioxidants will make them feel good.

All said and done kids are kids. Some will definitely fall sick or get a rash due to dry skin. It is always better to consult a doctor before things worsen.

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Megha Patel
Megha writes on a broad range of subjects for websites and continues to ensure her business clients are advantaged by her writing skills. She is a content creator and academic writer.
She is a Human Resource Professional and a Lecturer in University. After becoming a Mother, Megha set herself up as a freelance writer and consultant. You can reach her on megha.incredible@gmail.com

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