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Tips For Caring For Babies In Winter

by Poonam Nanwani Shah 06 Dec 2020 1 comment
Tips For Caring For Babies In Winter
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As everyone knows winter season is near or I can say, it is almost there. So every new mom is worried about their babies health and safety during winter season as the sudden change in climate makes lots of changes in babies health. All parents are started to worrying as how to take care of their kids. I have some tips which I would like to share as this tips will be much helpful…

  • Taking care of their skin:

This tip does not mean that only in winter we have to take care of babies skin however, we have to make sure that we do take efforts to maintain our efficiency towards our kids. Since skin our sensitive so we have to take care in every season. We should always keep their skin moisturize with moisturizer’s whichever is suitable or suggested by their pediatrician if any. Generally babies skin are sensitive so, we should always consult to their respective pediatrician to avoid any allergies. Soap must be used which is suitable to their skin since, some soap may cause allergy to their skin. After giving bath we must make sure that we do apply lotions or creams which we use for our babies immediately to lock the skin moisture. Even not only once but three to four times a day.

  • Baby massage:

This plays a very important role as giving massage to babies will keep their skin supple and soft as well as keeping warm at the same time. If you think that baby is able to catch cold so we can massage with mustard oil where you can use garlic and ajwain in mustard oil by taking in pan and heat it. Post to that let the oil cool down than, give massage on chest, back, feet soles this will give relief in cold weather. Here you can give massage before giving bath to baby.

  • If suffering from cough and cold:

As soon as,we come to understand that baby or kids are suffering from cough and cold so we must make sure that, it should be taken care at the earliest. As sometimes this may leads to severe illness since they are too small to handle, even their immune system are not that strong. We can provide home remedies such as “ajwain and garlic cloves sekha” i.e. Roast carrom seeds and garlic cloves on pan and make one potli from it, the cloth must be muslin cotton so that proper Sekha can be provided on chest and back of babies. This one is the best remedy that works wonder. There are many more home remedies which actually work and provides relief from congestion in chest. Still, we don’t have to worry much, because babies should go through such phase as this will make their immune system strong and they can fight if they come across. As a parent we should keep in mind that though their immune system are strong still; if we feel that they are not able to manage so immediately to consult doctor.

  • Keep required clothes ready and bedding set :

We have to make sure that we are ready with the required clothes for babies and kids. Sometimes we are so busy that we forgot to do same. the availability of woollen clothes which include top, bottom and socks at least 2-3 set so that we can keep on changing as per the requirement and the most important thing is cap for babies which we actually do not let them wear, since they avoid and as they don’t like to wear so, even we let go. So here we should be alert that rather babies don’t like to wear cap still we have to make them wear. The bedding as well as play a big role. We must always be alert that on timely basis we are changing the required bedding of kids  since usage of same may leads to accumulation of dirt and germs. So we must wash it of on weekly basis at least.

  • Keep track on foods we provide :

Sometimes we do provide food which may not be suitable for every baby. So,we must be sure while giving anything in diet which does not cause cough in babies .we should always test first by providing small quantities, if it’s suits your baby than you can offer food on regular basis. This includes both fruits and food.

  • Keeping our surroundings and environment clean:

This plays a very important role as babies grow they become more active and with their activities we should be also be more alert with regards to their surroundings and environment. As they start crawling they take many things in their mouth due to which they suffer from illness or in case if baby put anything in mouth so it can be results in choking…hence better to take care. Again here we have to wipe the floor and sanitize the things properly so germs to not enter babies body.

Hope this blog helps you to have general things to manage during winter season. If you liked it, kindly comment your views and suggestions.

Thank you!

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Poonam Nanwani Shah
Poonam has done graduation in commerce and she was working as a customer care in automotive industry for almost 7 years. However, being mother of two amazing kids, she is now pursuing the full-time job of motherhood and is a wonderful homemaker. 

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Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this post are the personal views of the author. They do not necessarily reflect the views of The Mom Store.

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1 comment

27 Jul 2021 Carnakar

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