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Journey From Milk To Solids

by Anshima Kolatkar 04 Mar 2021 0 Comments
Journey From Milk To Solids
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Once the baby reaches 5-6 months, most pediatricians recommend starting the weaning process. The weaning journey is the process where the baby starts solid foods slowly instead of just having milk. My doctor advised me to go slow as the baby's digestive system is not entirely ready for solid foods.

Here I will share the journey from breast milk to solid foods of my son, who just completed 6 months. I started the feeds with weaning when he completed 5 months of age.

MORNING ROUTINE 5:00AM- MILK (230ml) 8:00 AM- 9:00 AM- SUJI KHEER (roast suji in 2 drops of ghee and after bringing the roasted suji to room temperature put either low fat cow milk/formula milk in a quantity that the kheer has a consistency of honey) 11:00AM- 11:30AM:- MILK ( 230ml) AFTERNOON ROUTINE 2:00 PM:- During lunchtime, I try different recipes to give more nutrition, colour and taste.


  • As per the amount recommended for your baby, you can adjust the amount
  • I have already roasted and grounded moong dal, rice. I have chosen rice that is easy to digest.


Recipe 1:- put 1 tbsp of moong dal and 1 tbsp of rice in hot water and boil it. Have a consistency like honey. It's ready!!!!

Recipe 2:- We can introduce some grated vegetables to bring some taste or colour. Add some grated carrot/beetroot in the moong dal and rice mixture, as mentioned in recipe 1. At this stage, babies get attracted to colour too much. It's recommended that we make colourful food. Now your recipe is ready. I was experiencing from some days that my son was having a constipation problem. My mother shared with me that most babies suffer constipation due to the shift of the diet from completely liquid to solids.

Recipe 3:- In a cooker, put 1tbsp of daliya, rice and moong dal powder and roast it for 2 minutes. Now add a small amount of finely chopped lauki (bottle gourd), carrot, beetroot, tomato. Add 1-1.5 glass of water and give around 6-7 whistles. Khichdi is ready. Now by adding lukewarm water, bring the khichdi to the required consistency. It's READY!!!

EVENING ROUTINE 4:00 PM:- I have till now introduced him to bananas and papaya. Mash them from the fork or grate them so that they become smooth. Fruit puree is ready!!!

5:30 PM:-120-150 ml of MILK NIGHT ROUTINE 8:00 PM to 8:30 PM:- I prefer giving him light food; therefore, I do not add vegetables.

Recipe:- Add previously prepared 1 tbsp roasted toor/arhar dal powder and 1 tbsp roasted rice/suji powder in water. Cook it for 5 minutes, and simple khichdi is ready.

11:00 PM to 11:30 PM:- I give him the last feed of milk, and then the cycle repeats starting from 5:00 AM.

Here are some more easy and yummy recipes for your little ones!

During this process, I experienced that we, as a mother, have to be patient. When my son started his solids, he ate significantly less, but slowly, he started eating well. Now he loves his food. Like any other baby, he loves spitting, sneezing and wants to have by himself from his spoon, tries to eat his bib as well. As a result, a messy mom with a messy baby. That when my husband and I try to sing different songs, distract him by making weird faces, shouting to match his pitch.

I would like to hear about your experience as a parent when your child started the weaning process!




Anshima KolatkarAnshima Kolatkar is a passionate content writer and heads her firm "Writingwalkthrough". She pursued engineering in Electronics and telecom and PGDMA in embedded systems. In the year 2017, she quit her job to follow her passion of being a content writer. She is now a successful mompreneur. As a mom in working, she wants to share her journey into parenthood. Connect with her on LinkedIn.


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