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Importance of Oil Massage and Bath

Baby massage many times acts as an instant pacifier for the baby to calm down. There is no specific time defined for massage but the only thing to be remembered...

Oil massage and baths


Nowadays we tend to overlook the concept of oil bath and massage. (“Abhyanga” in Vedic texts) We are ready with excuses, often complaining "where is the time"? Everybody knows the quote that where there is a will there's a way” practically I agree that it’s not possible to oil bath or massage every day, but at least once in a week or fortnight it should be practiced strictly. Self massage is one of the tools to self care oneself and get rid of body pain. Honestly, even I practice the oil bath only once in a month.

Babies are caressed very delicately in terms of an oil bath where massage is done very gently. Babies will enjoy the whole session if we recite their favorite tunes or tell a tale. It’s natural that at first the baby won’t cooperate for too long, but gradually he or she will get used to this procedure. This will be a great bonding time for both the baby and the mother. I was very hesitant for the first baby to oil bath and massage, but for the second baby I independently learnt things under my nanny’s guidance.

When I was a baby, my granny had applied pure sesame oil from head to toe (except face) once in two days for strengthening my overall muscles and bones. The time came when my nanny used cold pressed coconut oil for both my sons. Although it’s still a debate over which oil to use for an oil bath I personally feel that coconut oil is the best. Nowadays, doctors recommend avoiding oil baths for infants aging less than 4 weeks. My elder son was underweight when he was born, so for the next 15 days the doctors advised us only to hot (lukewarm) water wipe the baby and not to shower …we at first felt weird, but strictly followed the pediatrician. Doctors know the strength and weakness of each and every newborn, so we waited till 15 days and very delicately handled the baby.

Baby massage many times acts as an instant pacifier for the baby to calm down. There is no specific time defined for massage but the only thing to be remembered is that the babies tummy should not be empty or full (there should be a gap of at least an hour after the feed), the baby must be in a situation to welcome the massage, should choose a suitable oil for the massage preferably odorless, the best method to massage is to apply oil upwards.

Benefits of baby massage

  • Relieves pain and discomfort
  • Manages the mood and sleeping patterns
  • Helps the digestive system
  • Ensures proper growth by enhancing the blood circulation

For reference you can check the given link for elaborately understanding the benefits of baby massage:-
International Association of Infant Massage

Benefits of Oil massage(for Adults)

Oil massage rejuvenates the body as well as mind:

  • Overall improvement in blood circulation
  • Nourishes the nervous system
  • Soothes the stiffness in tissues
  • Reduces the pain and friction between joints and bones
  • Makes the skin soft and shiny
  • Slows the process of aging

So let’s not be ignorant and at least once in a month practice oil bath and massage for a healthy tomorrow.

If you are entirely new to this thing then please it’s better to get the Doctors advise and act accordingly.


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