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How To Throw a Safe Birthday Party During Pandemic

by Kinjal Shah 16 Jun 2021 0 Comments
How To Throw a Safe Birthday Party During Pandemic

Like me, many of you would be super happy that your baby, especially if you are a new parent, is turning one soon. I am sure you have tons of thoughts running in your mind and you would be saying all day, “Hey! My baby is turning 1! I will do this; I will do that, etc.”

Yes, I know it is exciting for any parent to celebrate a 1st birthday party for their kid. You might be confused as to what to do? How many people do you think you should be calling? Is it safe to celebrate with outsiders all around your little one? 

I have seen so many people celebrating birthdays in one or the other way with a minimum of 20-50 people around the baby on his/her birthday. The question is, is it safe? If no, here are a few things you can do to make that day a special one for your kid and you. 

  1. Simplicity is the key

With the world full of show offs, I am sure even you have planned about how the celebration should go. Yes! I can see that excitement of celebration in your eyes already! It’s like weighing the safety v/s celebration. Keep it simple! Celebrate the birthday at home just with your baby and his grandparents. To be precise with the ones who stay in the same house. Decorate it with the best celebration stuff you can get online or from a shop nearby. Are you thinking of any venue based party? Please drop the plan, more people at the new venue is equal to more risk, especially for the kid. 

  1. A cake to play

By now the baby would have started finger food, most possibly. He would love to put anything and everything around him in his mouth. The birthday cake would be a really special one for him right! It could be a cartoon character, personalized photo cake, a cricket ground, a doll, etc. Would he be allowed to put his hand on it? No right! We all know how it would be. So here is what you can do, make a homemade cake for him. Let him play with it and eat. That’s altogether a different kind of joy for them and who would not love seeing them being happy. 

  1. Gifts for the baby

What is your baby fond of? Soft toys, teethers, cars, electric toys, dolls, etc. Which kind of clothes is he comfortable in? Get lots of toys, photo books, clothes, etc. for him. Pack it with different colour gift wrappers. Kids love to see different colours around them and yes of course he would love to open it all on his own. Cherish that cute smile on his face, while he is opening his gift. 

  1. DIYs

This could be a little time consuming for working moms and maybe for the full-time mommies too. Here is what can be done with a little sacrifice of your sleep and lending help from a family member or friend on this. We all are tech-savvy these days. Thanks to the technology and high tech phones. Your gallery would be full of baby’s photos and videos. Make a wonderful collage for his first birthday – his best pictures with you, solo pictures, monthly birthday pictures, etc. Check out our Birthday Journal.

  1. Less is better – limit the number of guests

There would be a huge list of people waiting to enjoy his first birthday party. Also, there would be so many questioning you if you plan not to invite anyone. Just take a deep breath, relax, sit back, and ignore all the negative questions lingering in your mind that will pop up once you decide to keep the party with minimum people. You might be thinking how would your close ones feel if you don’t invite them to the birthday bash. Just keep this straight, for his/her safety the celebration is limited to only those who stay with you in the same house. Those who love the baby will understand the safety concerns of parents, and for those who don’t understand you, it’s really easy to not think about them. Right! 

  1. Capture your memories - Photoshoot with party props

Party props are in trend. There are a wide variety of props available online. Get a few that suit your requirements. Have a splendid celebration with your loved ones! 

I know this is a special day. It doesn’t matter if the celebration is within closed doors or in a party venue, an expensive one or a simple one. What matters right now is the baby and his safety. Trust me; this is the best day to create special memories with him. Just you (parents) and the baby! Serene! Let’s name it: a personalized party. 

With Covid-19 all around us, it is crucial to understand that nothing is more than our baby’s safety. We can keep it simple and still enjoy the best day of our life. Once this pandemic is settled and the risk is almost gone, you can always throw a huge birthday bash for your love – your baby. 

This day would be imperfect without lots of videos and pictures. I would love to hear from you about how you enjoyed your little one’s birthday. 

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Kinjal Shah is a Mommy of 2 – a fur baby and a human baby.  She holds a Masters in Human Resources, Personality Development/Behavioural Trainer by profession (for around 15 years) and blogger by choice. 




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