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How To Recover From Your Postpartum Journey

by Bushra Anjum 13 Sep 2021 0 Comments



Motherhood is a big responsibility for which you can never be completely prepared. It comes with its joys and struggles. No one prepares you for the struggles you will be facing after you have delivered your child. No matter how many books you read, no matter how much advice you might take from friends, relatives, elderly aunties, Nani's dadi’s and in-laws- only your experience can teach you better. It’s a new life with a newborn. Sleepless nights, cluster feeding, stressful hormones, and anxiety will be your new companions. However, few things might help you ease your post-partum journey. In this blog, I will share some of my postpartum tips that will help new mothers recover quicker and stay healthy.

  • Follow your OB-GYN Right:- After your childbirth, your doctor will keep you under observation for 24 hours. The doctor will observe for any heavy blood loss, fluctuation in blood pressure, and any other potential infection-related symptoms. Once you are discharged from the hospital, you will have to take post-natal vitamins and essential supplements such as calcium and iron. Sometimes the doctor might put you on some painkillers and stool softeners. It is advised to use anti-septic solutions and creams to avoid any kind of infection. Getting plenty of rest is advised though it might be hard to take time -off for yourself as a new mom. The doctor might also call you for a 6-week follow-up to have a look at your stitches that are healing. This is a regular visit and should not be avoided even if everything looks healthy and fine. 
  • Using the right sanitary pad:- It is advised to use large-sized heavy soaking pads with soft gels so that your perineum does not feel more soreness. You should not use your period pads as they cant hold on to the flow. Amazon has these amazing disposable panties plus pads that are easy to use, fit appropriately, and don’t cause skin irritation. Using cotton skin-friendly and nursing-friendly clothes are recommended. The clothes should be airy and comfortable. Changing your pads frequently using anti-septic liquids with warm water might help you feel relaxed and can protect hygiene. Avoid using toilet paper and harsh soaps and even body wash. 
  • Eating healthy: - One thing your body will need the most is not just home-cooked food but healthy foods. It is recommended to have fiber-rich foods (oatmeal’s, beans, lentils, broccoli, whole-grain bread) which don’t cause hard bowels and constipation. Additionally, drink plenty of water, liquids because you will be suffering from night sweats, and due to exclusive breastfeeding the body needs to be properly and adequately hydrated. Fruit juices are also the best sources for staying hydrated, getting fiber-rich intake. Freshly squeezed juices help keep stools smooth and provide plenty of much-needed support to the digestive system. Healthy fresh meals help in fast recovery by incorporating high nutritious dates is considered a traditional way of healing from childbirth. 
  • Self-care:- It might be hard to find time to take care of yourself just after childbirth. It's a time filled with confusion, anxiety, newness, learning, frustration, and a sense of freakiness. It is recommended to have a warm olive oil body massage and hot water bath to relax the already stressed muscles. Adding warm compression to your breasts to help with blocked milk ducts can also help decrease the chances of mastitis and will ease the inflow of milk. Additionally, try to develop a sense of patience and stability through the healing process to avoid a feeling of frustration and sickness. Mental calmness is the key in the early days of childbirth. For example, having a relaxed walk in a park near the home, or going outside for a fresh breeze is good for the mother and the baby. A happy baby needs a happy mother. Most of the new moms tend to think that these are not possible due to a lot of factors, but it is recommended that mom needs to be very calm and must try to settle herself to her new life. 
  • Seeking Help:- It is recommended to have someone to help as an aid or attender around you always. It can be your mother, husband, sister, or anyone. You can seek essential advice at a very crucial time which will make your journey smoother. You can ask them to help you with laundry, grocery shopping, sterilizing and washing feeding bottles, hygiene maintenance at the place where baby and mother are staying and of course they can help in cooking. One of the pivotal things to remember is that you must not avoid or shy away from seeking help from people around you. 


Every woman is different and her body’s way of recovering is different too. Some might heal in 6 weeks and some may take up to 3 months or even 6. Tell us in the comments below how was your journey and what all things you did to recover from it. 

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Bushra Anjum is a semi-qualified Charted Accountant and has worked for accounting firms for four years. With a vibrant, lively background and she got educated in the convent school. She is a freelance writer, blogger, and a stay-at-home mom now. She loves to read and travel. You can connect with her on Instagram @aj.bushfara. You can also email her at shaikhbushra220@gmail.com


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