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How To Make Your Baby Stop Crying

You are battling postpartum blues, are constantly sleep deprived but your baby cannot stop crying and refuses to calm down. A child that is chronically irritable, hyper, fuming, and who...

How To Make Your Baby Stop Crying


One of the trickiest parts of motherhood is handling a cranky child. You are battling postpartum blues, are constantly sleep deprived but your baby cannot stop crying and refuses to calm down. A child that is chronically irritable, hyper, fuming, and who explodes into temper tantrums is any parent’s worst nightmare. So, how should you deal with it? Well, here is how, now smile-

Narrow Down the Reasons:


There are many things that make kids get irritable and throw tantrums. Here is a list.

  • Medical issues: Quite often, the chances are that your child might have a medical issue such as chronic ear infections, severe allergies, or urinary tract infections that may be making them cranky due to the pain which they are experiencing, but being young, they cannot express it. Buy our baby skin care products to avoid infections and allergies
  • Food Allergies: This is a problem which most parents generally overlook. Your child might be suffering from milk intolerance or may be eating foods rich in gluten (wheat products) or too much sugar, which can make any kid hyper. So you may want to check on this and regulate it. Click here to know what best foods can you give to your child.
  • Attitude issues: Some kids have a tendency to be crybabies. They are born fussy and have a difficult temperament. Such kids are generally more intense, have a hard time tolerating change, and distress easily.
  • Overstimulation: Sometimes in an urge to live vicariously through their kids, parents tax them too much. Too much stimulation to do things sooner than other kids or sometimes even general things like face washing, dressing, noise on the playground, or a busy household which seem routine to us, can load a child’s nervous system, overwhelm him and lead to meltdowns.
  • Mood Problems: Some children might be suffering from psychological issues such as Attention deficit disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, anxiety or depression. If your general attempts to soothe your child fail, a consultation with a Pediatrician or a Child psychologist. It is important.


Now that you know the causes, here is how you can address them:

  • Rule Out Medical Problems: When an infant or child is inconsolable, it is important to determine if the child has any medical problem that may be the primary reason for their general irritability.
  • Avoid Over stimulating Your Child: You may be trying to rock your crying child or making them play with their blocks or read a book, to distract them from crying when all the child wants is some peace and quiet. Sometimes it is best to give the child a break and soothe him or sing to him. Visit our store to buy the best educational toys for kids.
  • Make Your Kid More Self-Reliant: Sometimes parents pay their kids too much attention which in turn makes them look for attention all the time, to feel validated. In this case, you need to teach your child to gradually become self-reliant, a topic which I will cover in my next blog post.
  • Give Your Child a Balanced Diet: Research has proven that children who get nutrient rich, balanced diets are generally calmer and more stable than they kids who eat too much gluten or sugar. After all, sugar rush is not a clichéd phrase for nothing. To read more about what foods to give your child, refer to my post- Are you giving your child the right foods?

Hope you liked my advice and will use these tricks in soothing your child. I am looking forward to hearing from you and will come back with another write up full of parenting tips and tricks. Do write to me in the comments section, if you have any queries, suggestions or even if just want to say “hi”. Ciao till the next time!


Aarti Puri

Aarti Puri is Harvard educated and the founder and CEO of Magnolia Kids, a primary school. She is a psychologist, writer and teacher trainer. She's starting her YouTube Video channel for moms and kids soon!




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