How To Keep Your Kid Busy While Working From Home

How To Keep Your Kid Busy While Working From Home
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Working from home with kids at home is a tough job. Keeping your child busy while you get some time to work for yourself is necessary. Otherwise, kids can be too cranky and need your attention all the time.

This pandemic has made all the parents the superheroes who try to invent new plans, tricks, and methods to keep their kids busy apart from studies so that they can get some time to complete their office works.

Here is the list of activities that you can implement to keep your child busy:

  1. Use of Old Cardboard Boxes- Now that you are ordering everything online and you have a stack of cardboard boxes. Please do not throw them. You can make innumerable toys, bat, kitchen sets, rockets with cardboard boxes. Also give your child some coloring chart papers, glue, and crayons to paint the dull cardboard boxes and make them lively.
  2. Art Time- Drive your child's focus on sketches or colors. Art time enhances their motor skills and even they can experiment with different colors. It is a good way to keep your child busy for hours.
  3. Dough Making- It is a fun activity where you can ask your child to create some creatures with colorful dough. Do not worry they are safe.
  4. Gardening- Engage your kids with nature. Ask your child to water the plants as to how important is water for plants. It can be a little messy but trust me kids love water and they will enjoy doing this most of their time.
  5. DIY Activity- DIY With papers and waste materials that are safe is a great activity to enhance their creative level. Show them an easy DIY with these materials and then ask them to do the same or try new things and come back to you after done. This activity will give you time to complete your work.
  6. Prepare a play or dance from the characters of their storybook- It is a mix of play, fun, and learning. Choose your baby's favorite story and their characters and ask to prepare a dance with the dialogues of the characters. Or ask the child to prepare a dance adding their tune to the dialogues.
  7. Personalized Reading Books- Choose the favorite corner of your child in the room. Watch Youtube Video and make a DIY teepee tent with some pillows, cushions, throws, and blankets, fairy lights, decorate with baby's favorite toys, and give a cozy reading or activity corner to your baby. It is a kind of quite an activity that will help you focus on the next business zoom official meeting. You will get peace of mind to complete your work.
  1. Toy Wash- Engage your kids in a toy wash activity. Fill a plastic bowl with water, put some cleaner in the water and insert all the washable toys in it, and ask the kid to wash their toys. When kids love toys they will take the best care of their toys by washing them. And, you get some time to complete your work.
  2. Rock Painting - Collect some rocks from here and there and ask your child to paint them and make some cool designs on them. First, you show them how to do it and then ask the kid to follow and continue with the same. Also, ask them to add their little twist in rock painting.
  3. Wardrobe cleaning- A messy wardrobe is a complete no-no. So, give your child a limited time in which they can clean their wardrobe and place all the clothes folded neatly. It makes them independent and understands the value of cleanliness. The same goes for room cleaning too.

So, these are some activities that you can include for your kids to make them busy while you can focus on your work!

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