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Tips For Maximum Productivity For Stay or Work At Home Mommies

by Sonam Jain 05 Jun 2021 0 Comments
Tips For Maximum Productivity For Stay or Work At Home Mommies


Being a mother is a divine feeling. Being a 17 months old Blogger Mommy I had experience of working late in night hours and waking up in early morning hours. Managing the household chores, satisfying the taste buds and of course spending time on social media; everything matters. My routine and lifestyle was reformed as I followed the routine of my baby boy Namit. Like me; every mother happily does all the chores related to her kids. Her entire world gets confined around the little munchkin.

To be honest; in the initial days after embracing motherhood I had fear of losing my identity as a professional content writer. Slowly I started analysing Namit’s schedule and trying to fit me accordingly. Eventually I managed various things related to my lifestyle, everyday work, and routine. This resulted in achieving maximum productivity from myself.

Here Are Those Magical 7 Tips That Worked For Me In Achieving Maximum Productivity For Me


  1. Sleep On And Wake Up Early: Waking up early in the morning gave me some extra time to spend on myself. It's the time when Namit sleeps. So I can spend those hours in Yoga and Meditation. Sipping a glass of lukewarm lemon water with newspaper gave me a boosted start to the day. A day’s start should be enthusiastic and on a positive note. This early morning activity keeps me recharged for the whole of the day.
  2. Making A To-Do List: This is precisely scheduling the day. When and What has to be done priority-wise. This helped me deliver my assignments in a planned way without any chaos. Be it cooking, cleaning or writing I jotted down everything that has to be done by me according to Namit’s wake-up and sleep hours. This also helped me spend quality time with Namit. 

Pro Tip: Be strict to your schedule, don’t change anything unless there is an emergency. Sticking with our to-do list we can manage our time. It also saves our mental energy and stress.

Do Exercise: Daily dose of some physical and mental exercises like walking, running,  cycling and yoga keeps you physically and mentally fit. You can also do these exercises with your kids thereby inculcating an exercise habit in them at an early age. Ultimately you are spending more time with your growing kids.

Meal Plan: Sounds a bit more disciplined but trust me if you have a pre-planned meal plan it saves your lot of time in deciding what to cook for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. So to resolve this issue, one can design a weekly menu so as to include all the healthy foods and vegetables. It alternatively helps to arrange and buy all the stuff we need for a healthy planned  meal/diet for the family. 

Take Help From Family Members: It is my suggestion to every Mommy reading this blog; don’t try to be superwoman. We are simply human beings, and have our limits. Always try to finish your work on time but if it needs anyone’s help, don’t hesitate to ask for the same. We can train our kids on little household chores which helps us to finish work a little earlier and also make them habitual and independent of doing their work on their own.

Don’t Throw Tantrum And Frustration To Kids: Often women feel frustrated to various things going on in their personal and professional life. They don’t understand how to deal with it and at times they start throwing tantrums and frustration on their kids. The little buddies become an easy victim of this situation. Sometimes mommies shout and even slap them without any mistake. That action of our’s harms our kid's innocence. They start behaving violently. Later this makes us feel guilty. We cannot eliminate it but at least we must try to minimize occurrences of such situations and try to remain cool and calm.

Do Not Leave What You Love To Do: Do whatever makes you feel good. Don’t put your choices, hobbies and things you love to do, last in the list. We women always make sacrifices for others, stop it and choose your mental peace and happiness. Don’t feel bad about it, it's your right as a human being. Spend time with your friends, listen to your favorite songs, read your favorite book, establish your career, and fulfil your dreams. There is an old adage that “If you are happy then you can make others happy”, so the crux is make yourself happy to make others happy.

Try inculcating these 7 Tips to increase your productivity and live life to the fullest. I assure you this would surely maximize your productivity and make your Mommy life at ease.


Sonam is a Doctorate in Management Studies. She has altogether working experience of 5 years with IIM Indore and SFRI Jabalpur. She has also worked with two academic publication houses from Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh. In December 2019 she embraced motherhood. To relish her motherhood and use her Research Skills; now by profession she is a Freelance Content Creator and Blogger.

Read her at https://www.sonamkeshabd.com/ 

Connect her with at FacebookInstagram and LinkedIn

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Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this post are the personal views of the author. They do not necessarily reflect the views of The Mom Store.

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