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How to deal with anxiety during pregnancy

When I started trying to conceive it took me almost 8 months to get positive results. When it did turn out positive, I was very concerned and anxious about how...

Pregnancy is the most beautiful time in a woman's life. As joyful and exciting it is there are few pregnancy symptoms which can be stressful like insomnia, anxiety, fatigue etc. feeling anxious is very common whether it’s your first pregnancy or you have experienced it before. These questions arise in your mind whether you will be able to bear labour pain? How c- section delivery happens? Why is my baby kicking so much? Will I be able to comfort my baby?  And so on. These questions lead to anxiety, nervousness. 

When I started trying to conceive it took me almost 8 months to get positive results. When it did turn out positive, I was very concerned and anxious about how my pregnancy will turn out to be. During the first trimester it was just me sleeping all the time but as soon as my second trimester started I was all nervous and anxious about everything happening. There are some causes of anxiety and different ways to deal with anxiety.

Causes of anxiety

Hormonal changes are one of the most important reasons which causes anxiety. Due to hormonal changes the chemical in our brain is affected which leads to anxiety. During pregnancy our body goes through lots of changes due to which we experience different kinds of mood swings. Some feelings are welcoming while others are uncomfortable and scary. 

Symptoms of anxiety 

  • Difficulty falling asleep 
  • Unable to concentrate
  • Feeling irritated
  • Restlessness

Ways to deal with anxiety 

There are few ways which can help you deal with anxiety.

  • Talk about it
  •  If anxiety is becoming a part of your daily life it is important that you talk to your gynaecologist about it. Doctor will help you with proper medication and therapy if required. 

  • Deep breathing
  • Take a deep breath when you are feeling anxious or restless, simply just breath in and breathe out. Concentrate on your breathing while you exhale and inhale. Breathing exercise during pregnancy is helpful when you deal with anxiety. When you feel you are having negative thoughts try deep breathing it will help you calm yourself.

  • Connect with nature 
  • Connecting with nature helps a lot when your anxiety is spent with nature. Take a walk, smell some fresh air, try connecting with nature just sit and relax for a bit will help you calm down. 

  • Write about it 
  • Writing down your feelings is one of the best and proven ways to keep yourself calm. Sometimes we are too shy to tell anyone how you feel. To take it out it is beneficial that you write down your feelings. When writing down your thoughts and feelings it will be helpful to share with your doctor. 

  • Meditation
  • Meditation is the most effective way to calm yourself when dealing with anxiety. Find a comfortable spot, close your eyes and just concentrate on your breathing. Meditation has helped me a lot during my pregnancy.

    As much as you deal with these issues related to pregnancy it is very important to enjoy this precious time as pregnancy is considered one of the most golden times in woman life. Hope you find this blog useful. please do not hesitate to pour in your valuable comments.

    Shivangi Shukla is a teacher by profession and has a passion for writing and a mother of 3 months old. Shivangi believes that the best way to organise your thoughts is to write it down.

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