How To Arouse Your Child's Interest In Reading



Reading is a very essential habit that needs to be incorporated at a very young age. The language may not be too familiar but as a mother you have all the powers. If you wish, you can. There is no right or wrong way to read. It involves more cuddling, holding hands, bonding, laughing, sharing closeness and lots more. 

Some mothers wonder how to start reading to such small infants. Here are some tips and ideas on how to include reading the task together.

Tactile books:

Start off with tactile books. Let them touch and feel the texture, explore it. Name the image and also add sounds to the image. Like if it is a dog, you can teach them how a dog barks. 

They have sharp brains and next time they see the same picture, they'd bark or make that particular sound. 

Add English to your communication:

As they grow, ensure the language is added to the conversation. It is important and truly essential for them to pick the language. Assuming you speak Guajarati at home and English is a new language, keep adding simple words in your conversation. Like No, yes, please come here. This is the introduction phrase to a new language. 

Books with big pictures:

Pictures attract kids and if they are big visible ones, they can relate to the story easily. Keep pointing out the character in the book so they look at it and understand their role. 

Wandering off: 

It’s completely normal for kids to be disinterested towards books. Take some time. Let them pick their book for the reading session, give a break if required and then start off again. Fun can be doubled when you try to understand their needs.

Invest in board books:

Board books are hard bound books that are for reading purposes alone. Tearing not applicable. If your little one likes reading but also enjoys tearing them into pieces, board books are the best. They are colorful, super bounded and attractive. 

Be the reader at home: 

To make your reading session more interesting, be the reader yourself. Grab a magazine or your favorite  book or even newspapers. Kids get inspiration from adults, and that’s how the journey to reading and love for books begins.

Audio books are great:

There are few apps that provide audio books for young readers. They are in very simple English and very interesting to listen to. It’s a new style of reading books that surely holds their attention. 

Be the translator

Some kids even after they start schooling, they're not familiar with the language. That’s not an issue at all. Every kid is different. You can become a translator for your child. Explain them in your language, share your experience and read along with them. This way bonding with your little one shall step up.

Let them tell you one:

As they grow, they have their own imagination creeping up. It’s always good to encourage them and enjoy their little world. They'd land up narrating a mix of all the stories you told them but it's beautiful to hear and admire their minds. You will fall in love with them more.

Here are the 5 best tips and tricks which tells about how to develop reading habit in kids.


Farida is a mother of 5 year old naughty little brat. She loves reading and writing stories for kids. She runs a cloud kitchen here in Coimbatore. 

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