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Healthy Snack Recipes for Kids

by Lakshmi Sakthi 27 Sep 2023 1 comment


The Mom Store; Blog Post; Healthy Snacks for Kids; Photo by Margarita Zueva on UnsplashPhoto by Margarita Zueva on Unsplash


Grains are small, hard, and edible dry seeds that grow on grass-like plants. Consumption of grain-based food has a lot of advantages for our health like less risk of heart attack, diabetes and blood pressure as they are naturally rich in fibre, vitamins and minerals.

Depending upon our stress levels, as humans, we tend to turn to food as a de-stressing option, often overeating leads to a lot of health issues. Eating healthy or unhealthy food depends upon our moods and our willpower to maintain good health. 

Next time, make it a point to observe the food offered at your relative’s or friend’s home, very often people buy food such as cake, pizza, tinned juice, pasta, burgers, and biriyani and offers at home. Although these foods are delicious and yummy, eating often or in excess can disturb our digestion. 

As mothers, we are self-motivated to learn new recipes across the globe through online options, at the same time, we must show the same interest to also learn traditional hand-me-down recipes from grandparents. 

It is imperative to consume grains grown in our own area on a regular basis in any form. Here are a few recipes made out of grains that you can add to your daily diet.


  • Scrambled chapatti:

  • Chapatti is everyone’s favourite dish. Suppose, you ask your kid at home what dish to should prepare, the immediate answer would be chapatti with either paneer butter masala or boneless chicken gravy. The most commonly consumed item is chapatti next to idly or dosa as far as a south Indian. In fact, as a mother, you should know an evening snack can be made out of left-out chapattis for your school-going child.


    Chapatti – 3
    Big onion – 1
    Tomato – 1
    Chopped garlic – 2 cloves
    Red chilli powder – 1 teaspoon.

    • Scramble the chapattis and keep them in a bowl. 
    • Take a pan and heat it.
    •  Pour 2 tablespoons of oil. 
    • Season with mustard, black gram dhal, asafoetida and curry leaves as required. 
    • Add the chopped garlic, onion, tomato and red chilli powder with a little water to it. 
    • You have to stir well till the raw smell goes.
    •  Finally, add the scrambled chapattis to the masala.
    •  Stir it as long as it mixes to the right consistency. 

    It is a yummy, healthy and easy-to-cook dish for an evening snack.


  • Vegetable Kolakattai:

  • Ingredients: 
    Rice flour – 2 cups
    Vegetable masala – 2 cups (vegetables of your choice and preparation your traditional way)


    • Boil 1 tumbler of water, mix it in rice flour and make it a dough. 
    • Take a little dough, make a small ball and flatten it. Keep vegetable stuffing in it and seal it like samosa.
    •  The next step is to steam it. 

    You can even make it with different shaped moulds. In case you have left out vegetable masala which you make for lunch can be used as a stuffing for kolakattai to prepare evening snacks.


  • Ragi Laddoo:

  • We always wish to start or end a meal with sweets. Children preferably eat laddoos, as it is Chota Bheem’s favourite sweet. I do not know how many of you noticed, but when you take your children to sweet shops, the first choice would be laddoos. For the first time, I made laddoos out of one of the grains - Ragi, the healthiest evening snack for a school-going kid. 


    Ragi flour – 2 cups
    Brown sugar – 1 cup
    Grated coconut – ½ cup
    Ghee – as required
    Cashew, almonds, raisins broken and fried – as your necessity

    • Fry ragi flour in a pan with 5 tablespoons of ghee until the raw smell goes.
    • Add the grated coconut. Stir it well till it gets roasted.
    • Then add the brown sugar, finally fried cashews, almonds and raisins.
    • Remove it from the stove.
    • Make small balls and keep them in a bowl.
    • It is a delicious and homemade recipe that boosts the immunity of our children.   


  • Instant oats dosa:

  • Dosa – crispy or soft is an ever-popular breakfast or dinner for South Indian people. In South Indian homes, you cannot see a refrigerator without idly or dosa batter. With this batter, you can make a healthy grain snack for your children.


    Dosa batter – 5 cups
    Oats – 3 cups (soak in a little water for 10 minutes, put it in a mixie with water to make it a thick paste)
    Chopped small onion – 100 grams
    Grated carrot – 100 grams
    Green chili – 2 chopped

    • Take a bowl, transfer the ingredients and mix it well to make a dosa consistency.
    • Then you can make a dosa with a dosa pan and serve with tomato or coconut chutney. 

    After your child comes home from school in the evening, we as parents insist on a glass of hot milk as it is an excellent source of calcium and has good bone strength. Similarly, snacks between 4 to 5 pm in the evening are a must for school-going children, so as to prolong their energy levels till they go to bed at night. A part of the day, the evening is a crucial time for a child to do homework, play outdoors and indoors, attend extracurricular classes, spend time with parents and watch television. I believe that you should support your child to have more of a healthy diet to adopt a healthy lifestyle.



    About The Author:

    Lakshmi Sakthi Alagappan lives in Thanjavur in Tamilnadu, India. She is an administrative officer at Blossom Public School. She likes reading books, listening to music, and surfing.


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    1 comment

    27 Sep 2023 Vishnupriya B
    Thank you ma’am for sharing your wonderful recipe and a great idea👍

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