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Healthy Eating For A Healthy Pregnancy

by Vichitra Goel 19 Jan 2022 0 Comments


No matter how much you crave all the sweet and savory treats, no matter how big a foodie you are, no matter how you binge on all the “restricted” junk ( read: finger-licking but unhealthy) food, pregnancy is that one phase of your life where you pick up good eating habits voluntarily. All the sinful delicacies are swept aside by that motherly urge to eat and stay healthy not only for you but primarily for the baby as well.

There will be innumerable unsolicited advice being doled out to you: “eat for two”, “eat a lot of fats (ghee to be precise)”, or even “eat whatever you want to”. But the truth is, as we all know, far from this. Eat right and help your bump and baby grow right is the mantra to be followed. Read on to pick up some easy diet tips that will help you and your little bundle of joy to stay healthy, hale, and hearty.

Have a wholesome and nutritious meal: nothing can ever replace the importance of a well-balanced diet. A diet that incorporates all the essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals are what you and your baby needs. Adequate intake of the vitals will keep you fit and healthy helping your baby grow right.

Drink plenty of water: This one again is a no-brainer. Fluid intake is essential to keep your body hydrated. Restrict or avoid the intake of caffeinated and carbonated beverages and alcohol.

Make informed and healthy choices: Include lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes and pulses, a variety of dairy products, and protein-rich food in your diet. Limit the intake of refined sugar and starch, refined flour, saturated fats, ready-to-cook foods, and sodium. Make sure you have an adequate intake of folic acid, iron, and iodine in your daily food. Take dietary supplements as and when needed, after consulting your doctor.

Monitor your calorie intake: Consult an expert doctor regarding the required calories during every trimester and try to fulfill the same. Disproportionate intake of calories can lead to health hazards that are best avoided. 

Combat the nauseating tendency: For most ladies, nausea and vomiting come hand-in-hand with pregnancy. However, eating small portions of food at regular intervals can help you keep nausea at bay. Eating a lot of food in one sitting can give you a heavy stomach which is only going to make you throw up!

Quality matters above quantity: The quality of food you are eating will always matter more than the quantity. Eating small portions of nutritious food scores overeating a lot of food that is low on nutrient content. 

Embrace healthy snacking: Snacking in between the meals is fine as long as it is mindful. Carefully choose your snacks and opt for healthier alternatives. Say no to candies, cookies, bread, and cakes; embrace whole-grain crackers and bread, low-fat dairy products, soups, and salads. 

Healthy eating should not be a phase like pregnancy. Rather, it needs to be your lifestyle. Follow a mindful and nutritious diet along with adequate physical activity and you will be as fit as you can be!


Vichitra Goel is a post graduate in English literature and has worked as a University Professor till the time she became a mother. Since then she's been busy raising a little reader, writing, Instagramming, DIY-ing, hoarding craft-supplies, and procrastinating decluttering! 

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Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this post are the personal views of the author. They do not necessarily reflect the views of The Mom Store.

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