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Five main problems during adolescence

Adolescence is the transitional period between childhood and adulthood. It is the stage of life when a child experiences both physical and mental changes. Confusion arises as a result of...


Adolescence is the transitional period between childhood to adulthood. It is the stage of life when a child experiences both physical and mental changes. Confusion arises as a result of several physical changes and anxiety. It is the primary responsibility of parents to advise and assist their children at this stage.

Five Main Problems during adolescent development:

  • Bullying - It is very prevalent at this age range. It affects the mental health of a child. Neglecting children's mental disorders leads to suicides and draws them into the criminal world.
  • Addiction to alcohol and drugs: During this phase, a child's mind fills with onset of anxiety disorders to know and experience new things. Sometimes the due to peer pressure or wrong society influences a child as well. On the other hand, television programmes are also affecting their minds it also affects their academic performance.
  • Child exploitation/sexual abuse : It is a major issue in today's world. A child suffers a lot due to a lack of knowledge.
  • Inadequate nutrition: Improper nutrition affects the growth of a child. Nowadays, kids love to eat junk food. Some are obese, while others are underweight. So it is also a problem during adolescence of weight disorders in children .
  • Deaths - Adolescent issues include Risky behaviors,mood swings, accidents, suicides, and killings, as well as healthy development diseases, which we read and hear about on a regular basis in the news and in newspapers. Every day, about 5000 people die. Death among teenagers is a big problem. Furthermore, accidents are the primary cause of this.

Helpful tips for parents for child positive development:

  • Advice to your child: Maintain healthy relationship with your child and teach them to distinguish between good and wrong talk with them regarding poor grades / future studies . Give them examples from your daily life. Adequate knowledge for their inquisitive minds is essential. Furthermore, mental positivity is essential. Explain to your youngster that physical development changes are natural. Do not ignore your child's day-to-day behavior.
  • Involve them in physical activity : Physical activities such as sports and yoga are very necessary for children of all ages. Yoga benefits both physical and mental wellness. In addition, offer sufficient nutrition. They require calcium, as well as other vitamins and minerals, to grow.
  • Handle your child with calmness: Parents must avoid using inappropriate and aggressive language with their children. Additionally, avoid physical child abuse because it will make your youngster more adamant. The increased use of alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs is causing our youth to become destructive. However, it is true that it begins at school age. As a result, parents should educate their children about the negative consequences of doing these things. Do not allow them to drive before they reach the age of 18.
  • The Role of the schools: It is not only the responsibility of parents to educate their children about this, but the school should also hold seminars and programmes on the subject. In schools and institutions appropriate education on sex related topics like sexual activity, sexual maturation or about menstrual periods must be given to children.
  • Parents' Support: Parents' support is essential in guiding their children. Emotional shifts are common at this age. Friendly conversation with your child will reduce anxiety. Fortunately, there are many books available both in stores and online. These books serve as guides, but parents must determine the appropriate age for their children to read them.

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