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Few Important Lessons To Be Taught To Children

by Deepika Pandey 28 Oct 2020 0 Comments
Important Lessons To Be Taught To Children
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Listening to news channels these days, reading an article on internet or reading a newspaper has made me more nervous and worried today, rather than informative. We claim to be a developing country but are we? A line from an old hindi song comes to my mind “Dekh tere sansaar ki haalat kya ho gayi Bhagwan” next line I’ll put in my own words: “Insaan ho gaya hai Shaitaan”.

I am worried for our future generation. No, I do not speak only for the girls but also our boys. Incidents of molestation are sometimes reported, many times not even a word is heard. But there are also cases where little kids are victims. Sometimes the culprit is an outsider, sometimes a family person. This is the place where our children are being raised, hence now it is our duty as parents to educate our children in a manner where they can protect themselves, raise a voice when they notice a wrong doing and stand for those facing any such issue around them. I know that we don’t like to discuss these things but now its time we start talking.


Below are few points which we as parents can ensure to inculcate among our kids:

  1. SELF DEFENSE – An important lesson to be taught to every child in every family. Teach kids Karate, Judo, or any other martial arts. But we also need to ensure that this training is used only for protection, for self-defense and not violence. 
  1. THE TOUCH – We need to teach kids the difference between good touch and bad touch. Nowadays even some of the schools are teaching kids about the same in younger classes but as parents we also need to bring awareness.
  1. HABITS – We need to inculcate basic small day to day habits in our kids which sometimes we may feel is not necessary or we may think that the kid is still young. But remember this, a child at a young age is more capable to understand things we teach than a little grown up. To mention an example, I’m talking about habit of not changing clothes in front of any family member or friends other than parents. Dressing up properly, Memorizing the kid with any of the either parent’s cell number or address with their names. These small things can make kids aware and be helpful in any god forbidden worst scenarios.
  1. STRANGERS –  These are the people our kids need to identify from far away. We need to teach them who are called strangers and how to react to them. Few of us might think that this may convert the child to be an introvert but that’s not the case. We are here not telling them, to not speak to anyone at all but instead tell them to speak up and say that the person is a stranger and they are not supposed to be with them. This little difference if we make them understand could change things. Tell them to not hold anyone else’ hand or not to follow anyone else other than their own parents or family member. We as kids were told so but today in order for the kid to be outgoing and fun-loving we let them acknowledge and talk to others they don’t know which may sometimes become little confusing for the kid to understand.
  1. BE A FRIEND - Kids sometimes are not strong or comfortable enough with their parents to share anything. Hence we need to be their friend at that point of time and make them comfortable. We can do this by making them feel secure at a very early age. Spare few hours of daily routine and spend time with them like a friend, share your stories and then ask theirs. Keep telling them that we are friends. We can even ask any of our close family member also sometimes to take our place. Moral is just to give an environment to the kid which makes them feel secure and comfortable.


We common people are the remaining 70 percent of the population who sit at home, watch TV channels, worry about the current political & economic condition of our country for some time and then forget about it. We are the reality and hence we can only do one thing is to teach our kids to survive and outsmart these bad situations.

 Click here to read about educating your kids on different touches.


Deepika Pandey

Deepika Pandey is a Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource & has more than 6 years of experience
as a HR Business Partner. She took a break from her work life to enjoy her motherhood with her 3 year
old naughty daughter and simultaneously shares her thoughts through simple words in her blogs.
Follow Deepika on Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn/Instagram.


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