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How To Tell Your Kids About Good Or Bad Touch

We can’t keep an eye on them all the time but we can ensure their safety by doing some efficient efforts. Telling your kids about good or bad touch is...

How To Tell Your Kid About Good & Bad Touch

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Parenting is not an easy job, it’s full of challenges. As parents, we face different challenges on different age of our children. We always want to give them the best and protect them from troubles. With their growing age, the question arises for their safety and security.

We can’t keep an eye on them all the time but we can ensure their safety by doing some efficient efforts. Telling your kids about good or bad touch is very necessary. You can tell your kids about this when you feel the right time for it.

Though it’s difficult to tell small children about this serious issue but by taking small measures you can definitely do it.

There are some suggestions from my personal experience, though every child varies from the other. But then also it can help you in certain ways.

  • Swimsuit rule- This is one of the best ways to explain good or bad touch. Tell them the area covered in the swimsuit is your personal or private area. Teach them, don’t allow anyone to touch your private parts. If someone does it, say no or tell your parents immediately.
  • Don’t give any nicknames to their private areas- We often give some nickname to the children's private parts but it’s not right. As we take names of other parts like eyes, legs etc we should take the right name of those areas as well. So that our children will come to know that there is nothing ashamed of it. There is no secret about private parts. Then they can only talk to you about anything.
  • Make a comfortable bond with the kids- Try to make a bond with the kids. Talk to them, play, spend time, make them comfortable with you so they can share anything with you without any hesitation and fear.
  • Tell them, your body belongs to you only- Tell them their body belongs to them, they can refuse a kiss, hug or a pat , if they don’t feel comfortable about it. Teach them the word No, they can say no to anyone who makes them uncomfortable.
  • Explain to them about safe touch- Tell them if their father, mother or doctor touch their private parts for some reason or for the medical examination then it’s a good touch. Other than these three, nobody can touch your private parts.
  • Good books or videos can also help- You can take help from videos and books to make them aware of these things.
  • Teach them to maintain a safe distance from the strangers- Ask your kids not to take gifts, chocolates, toys or anything from the strangers not to befriend them.
  • Always listen to your children – Never ignore your child's curiosity or excitement. Try to listen to them carefully. What they want to say and share. Pay attention to anything they discuss with you.
  • Trust them- If your child complains you about anyone, no matter how close the a person is with you, never ignore your child. Trust whatever he is saying, remember no one else is more important than your child.
  • Most importantly tell them this is not their fault if someone did any inappropriate behaviour – Tell them they are not guilty of someone else’s mistake. Assure them that whoever touches them inappropriately is at fault. They need not be scared.


Kids are like beautiful flowers in a garden, don’t let anyone harm their innocence and beauty. Be the saviour of their childhood. It’s difficult but not impossible, taking some powerful steps towards the safety and security of your child can make it possible.

I hope you find it helpful. Very happy parenting to all of you. Stay safe and healthy.





Saumya DwivediSaumya Dwivedi has done Post graduation in Mass Communication and an MBA in HR. She stays in New Delhi. She is a homemaker by choice and mother of a five years son. She writes blogs, short stories, captions, quotes and poems on various platforms. She has won many contests in writing. Writing is like therapy for her and the biggest stress buster. She writes from her own experience of motherhood. She also loves travelling and reading.



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