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Essentials For Your New Born Baby

Wondering what needs to be prepared for a new born baby? Here are some essentials which I want to share with you :  

Being pregnant is a blessing and as soon as we become aware that it's almost nine months are going to pass and no wonder within a week's time, our bundle of joy soon; will be in our arms …the feeling is so delighted and blissful.

With these, a new mom goes through many new thoughts in her mind and the most important one, is wondering what needs to be prepared for a new born baby? She has infinite questions in her mind.

Here are some essentials which I felt to share as this will be most helpful :

  • Clothing :
  • Clothing is one of the essential necessities for them, as they are newborn and since their skin is sensitive ;we cannot let them wear new clothes directly, however we can utilize new clothes only post washing.

    Clothes must include caps, shirts, zippers or rompers, socks if required- since zippers cover feet, mittens, cloth diapers, towels which must comprise of large and small ones. Click here to check out New Born clothing collection by The Mom Store.

  • Baby Wipes :
  • This is the most indispensable thing, required for babies to wipe their face or any part of the body. While using wipes we must make sure that they are free from chemicals or else babies can suffer from skin allergies and rashes.

  • Swaddle : 
  • These are required so that babies feel safe during the first three months, since babies are protected in the mother's womb for almost 9 months and suddenly, when they come out of the womb they feel unsafe and insecure due to the outer atmosphere.

    Hence swaddling plays a vital role for babies. It needs to be done in such a way that babies must feel the same coziness and warmth as in the mother's womb.

    There must be at least 5-6 swaddles available and they must be of soft cotton fabric. Click here to check out swaddles by The Mom Store.

  • Diapers:
  • In diapers, we must use cloth diapers specifically with soft cotton fabric due to which, babies do not suffer from diaper rash and at the same time they are chemical free.

    Diapering a baby, must be done on a timely basis within 2 hours of time intervals. Subsequently, I wish to add that before and after diapering a baby one must apply coconut oil to avoid rashes. Click here to check out best quality cloth diapers by The Mom Store.

  • Nursery: 
  • Seeing babies are small ;they require separate bed not only for sleeping, but as  and when they are awake and we must be prepare with following :

    Cribs, pillows specific one to give proper support for their head, soft blankets, side pillows, small bed sheets , waterproof mattress and if possible mosquito net covered cribs.

    Play mats, to have some me time. Click here to check out collection by The Mom Store.

  • Breastfeeding -
  • If the baby is breastfeeding, in this case newborns sometimes face difficulty with respect to sucking. Hence here, moms can go for silicone shield nipples for some days and babies eventually develop a habit of latching.

    Nipple cream to heal, if nipples are cracked due to sucking on the breast.

  • Formula feed -
  • Babies who are on formula milk, here we require formula milk powder, anti- colic Feeding bottles, extra teats.

    For cleaning the bottles: we require bottle cleaner brush and liquid, compact bottle sterilizer and feeding bottle drying rack.

  • Bathing: 
  • For a newborn baby, bathing is not as much required since they are small. However it may require as per the changes in climatic conditions. Though, we can bathe them on alternative days. 

    Here I wish to specify the necessities - which comprise baby shampoos and that can be utilized for skin as well as for head bath, body lotion, baby oil, hooded towel, anti skid mattress for massaging ,and bathtub with anti skid facility. Click here to check out hooded towels by The Mom Store.

  • Grooming kit:
  • This includes nail clippers for their tiny nails. Although they are brittle, they still need to be trimmed. Reason being, they can hurt themselves anywhere on their body especially on the face.

    The other thing is comb and baby hair oil for head massage and combing. Click here to check out The Mom Store collection for baby grooming.

    Hope, this blog would be a perfect outcome  for new moms. Kindly let me know your ideas on the same…


    Poonam Nanwani Shah has done graduation in commerce and was working as a customer care representative in automotive industry for almost 7years. However, being mother of two amazing kids, now she is pursuing her job towards them.

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    Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this post are the personal views of the author. They do not necessarily reflect the views of The Mom Store.


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