Eating Strawberries During Pregnancy


Eating Strawberries During Pregnancy

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Is it safe to eat strawberries during Pregnancy?

While eating a nutritious and well balanced healthy diet, no matter what your age and lifestyle, cannot be emphasized enough, however it becomes all the more important once you become pregnant, since the growth and development of the baby growing inside you is a big responsibility and eating fresh fruit, especially the yummy ones like strawberries, is one way to make your diet more nutritious. This article throws ample light on whether you should be eating strawberries during pregnancy or not. Read on…

Fresh Strawberries are rich in essential nutrients like folate, selenium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, potassium and vitamin C , while also providing you the fiber, carbohydrates and proteins that you need and it all comes in a juicy and tasty package, in a strawberry.

Strawberry during pregnancy is a good and delicious option to snack on. This sweet yet tangy, aromatic fruit is a godsend for women who are craving for something sweet during their pregnancy, while helping them not pack any unnecessary pounds, due to it being low in calories.

It is a great idea to add strawberry slices to your balanced diet chart as they are rich in Vitamin C, which helps a lot in the baby’s growth and development apart from helping the mother to be absorbing the required amount of iron from her diet, which is a big requirement for both the mother and the child.

Eating strawberries is also a healthy way to consume good carbohydrates which provide instant energy to the pregnant ladies, along with providing them a dose of nutrients and micronutrients, which ensure a healthy pregnancy.

How many strawberries should a pregnant woman eat?

Eating healthy fruits like strawberries which has an excellent source of fiber is generally a good idea, no matter what your age and pregnant women should aim at eating around one to two cups of strawberries a day since it has great health benefits that reduce the risk of cancers and heart-related problems. Now, at the first glance, it may seem too much to some, but if strawberries are incorporated wisely into the diet after a meal, rich in protein and iron, their intake helps in absorbing the nutrients well.

Now, I know that strawberries are a hot favorite and go-to fruit for many, however consuming too many strawberries or worse, eating nothing much but strawberries under the guise of pregnancy is not a very wise option. Doing so can lead to unnecessary complications and eating in moderation is always the key. Hence, there is no need of eating a cup of strawberries with each meal. Two cups of strawberries a day are all that you need.

A word of caution may be added here that though strawberries are chock full of essential nutrients, women who are allergic to them or may be suffering from diabetes, gestational or otherwise would be better off, if they steer clear of them, for obvious reasons, for in their case, strawberries will clearly do more harm than good. For others, organic strawberries are their best bet!

I am looking forward to hearing from you and will come back with another write up, full of parenting tips and tricks. Do write to me in the comments section, if you have any queries, suggestions or even if just want to say “hi”. Ciao till the next time!

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Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this post are the personal views of the author. They do not necessarily reflect the views of The Mom Store.


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