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Easy Hacks To Build Immunity

by Sakshi Dua Phutela 30 Jul 2021 17 Comments
Easy Hacks To Build Immunity


Immunity is the wonder dose that everybody is looking for! This pandemic has simply raised its importance. People are looking for ways to build immunity irrespective of their gender and age. Hence, this wonder dose is for the people of all age groups.
Immunity is required to fulfil all our responsibilities quite well and stay in harmony with our own self. Our body is a precious gift from God and taking care of it is our prime responsibility. If we are in healthy spirits, we can definitely create ripples of joy in other’s lives.

Immunity simplified : The body's resistance to catch an infection is immunity. For instance, higher body's resistance, less the chances of catching any infection and vice versa. It is actually the capability of the body to resist harmful microorganisms. Many people catch infections when the season changes and are susceptible to any weather change. Our body is made up of trillions of cells and for each cell to function well, our body needs good care and nutrition.

Hacks to boost Immunity :

Meditation This term is known to many but with different meanings. Some might think it is the art of focusing on a point or controlling your mind etc. Meditation is accepting the thoughts while being relaxed at the same time. The only way to control our mind is through Meditation. It is as simple and important as brushing our teeth in the morning. Taking out 15-20 minutes to sit for meditation promotes good health, peace of mind and happiness. It is rightly said, ‘Breathe in and the universe will take care of everything else’.

It is the life force or the energy in us. Every incoming breath energises our body and every outgoing breath relaxes the body. This incoming and outgoing isn’t chargeable like our calls used to be earlier. Pranayam actually channelizes the energy in the right direction. It gives energy and positivity to all the cells of our body. Many pranayama can be done to build good immunity. For instance 
  • Nadi shodhan Pranayama- Alternate nostril breathing 
  • Bee pranayama- Also called bhramari pranayama
  • Skull shining pranayama (Kapal bhati pranayam)
  • Bhastrika pranayama 
  • Candle blowing pranayam
Yoga- Who doesn’t know the meaning of this word ? Well I guess no one. Yog rakhe nirog – With yoga you achieve good health and a disease free body. The breathing exercises, sets of surya namaskars (sun salutations) and padma sadhana are very important parts of our lives. With daily practice of yoga, you can witness the best results. Techniques work when we do them; hence consistency is the key.

Creativity- Creativity is the essence of happiness. Painting, pottery making, calligraphy, art and craft work, mandala and other art forms are stress busters. They make you happy and confident in every way. You feel empowered and confident. Doing something that you really love secrete happy hormones and inturn keep you happy all day long.

Laughter – It is said ‘laughter is the best medicine’. Having a good sense of humour dissolves all the worries and tensions. It is like taking a chill pill. We need to laugh out loud and empty the burden that we usually carry on our heads. It is good to throw all that emotional garbage and de-stress yourself. Watching your favourite web series, movies, dramas, baking a dish that you love the most, listening to soft music, dancing on your favourite tune and reading your favourite book will surely add to more happy moments of your life.

Chanting and singing – These are indeed important instruments to empower our divine spirits.  Chanting any mantra that you love is a very powerful exercise in itself. It actually makes you calmer and think better. Singing is another exercise to make you cheerful. Singing any soulful song or a bhajan makes you smile from ear to ear. 

Positive attitude- It is rightly said, ‘Tough times never exist but tough people do’. Staying positive in tough times is very important.  Positivity is a way of life. It is a harbinger of peace and goodness. We attract many wonderful things when we see the brighter side of life. Our attitude defines our life so it is worth being a magical positive magnet. 

Vaccination- It enhances immunity and builds antibodies in our system. Hence it is quite essential to get our vaccination done especially against Covid -19. Any vaccine which is recommended by the government of India is of utmost importance and should be taken by all the citizens above 18 years of age. Even pregnant women and lactating mothers have got a green signal in this regard. Therefore they can get themselves vaccinated under the guidance of their gynecologist. Only the people with some serious allergies do not fit into this category. 

Random acts of kindness- Kindness is a language that even a deaf can hear and dumb can speak. Some random acts of kindness keep us alive and add beauty to our life. Sharing our joy with others, uplifting someone with our kind words, serving water and food to strangers, animals and birds are some of the random things to uplift our spirits. Our real character is measured by the acts we do for others while expecting nothing in return. 

Supplements : 

Supplements are important for everyone in today’s world. Diet alone can’t give us everything our body requires.  Iron, calcium, zinc, vitamin b12 and b6, vitamin d and many others play a vital role in keeping us safe and sound. It is important to take them under doctor’s supervision.  Women too require good supplements for keeping themselves healthy as they are the backbone of society. Also healthy mothers create healthy children. Each mother’s health is of utmost priority to raise healthy children.  Children imbibe good habits from their parents. Hence, health is the real wealth and they can easily practice this under the guidance of their parents. 

Good diet

 We are mature enough to  differentiate between healthy and junk food. To have healthy and unadulterated food is the first step that plays a key role in happy living.  ‘Jaisa Ann waisa mann' is an old saying but it is true no matter what era we live in. It means food nourishes the soul. A healthy mind lives in a healthy body which is nourished by local and healthy food. So, serving yourself healthy food is becoming important day by day. Healthy food includes green leafy veggies, fresh food, pulses and local varieties of fruits and vegetables and less packaged food.

So dear readers, which point are you inculcating in your lifestyle ? A healthy lifestyle would definitely constitute all of these points. You can choose and abide by the ones you love. Happiness is serving yourself good health and joy on a platter each day. Living life to the fullest is the essence to a holistic lifestyle. I would love to hear more points from your side in the comments below. Happy holistic lifestyle to you! 


Sakshi Dua Phutela is a postgraduate in master of economics honors from Panjab University, Chandigarh. She is a ‘work at home’ mother, speaker, lifestyle blogger and a creative artist. You can reach her on Instagram and Facebook.

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Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this post are the personal views of the author. They do not necessarily reflect the views of The Mom Store.

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08 Aug 2021 Aman

Quiet informative and beautifully written!! Keep up the great work!! :)


It’s really an enlightening blog on immunity hacks which may be adopted easily into our lives. Moreover, it is very well organized content. Great work !

31 Jul 2021 SangeetaAggarwal

Good going….well said “Tough times never exist but tough people do “….. this is the need of the hour.Stay strong,stay healthy plus stay positive is the only way to survive in this 😷
Keep shining!

31 Jul 2021 Mriga

Very informative, easy to understand and good to adapt 😊

30 Jul 2021 Kanchan

Very helpful n easy tips to practice in daily life. Very inspiring! Great Work, Keep it up !

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