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Does Your Child Hate Milk?

by Sushma Tiwari 13 Oct 2020 0 Comments
Does Your Child Hate Drinking Milk?
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"What are you saying Neetu? Your child does not drink milk? This is a big problem! You know that milk is very important for overall physical development, it is not hidden from anyone that milk is an important source of calcium.  And it is very important for the development of children. How can you be comfortable for so many days? Do anything, just add milk in your child's diet "

 After having a conversation with Aayesha Neetu became more worried. She was right. Since childhood, we have heard that milk is important for complete physical health. After Varun’s birth , Neetu fed him breast milk for a long time, and after 6 months started giving different type of grains and nutrients as well. Neetu noted that Varun had started recognizing taste from the beginning and ate almost everything. At the age of one and half, he started taking complete diet such as pulse rice, roti, green vegetables, fruit juices, dry fruits etc.

 Neetu never had trouble feeding him food, just whatever she cooks, he would be happy and eat so easily. In this case, she considered herself very lucky because she never had to face child's tantrums at the time of eating. Yes, when it came to feeding milk, the problem was doubled.  Whether it was cow's milk or buffalo's milk, Varun did not want to drink at all. Neetu tried hard to make milk tastier, by adding different flavors to the milk without his knowledge. She started adding chocolate syrups, she tried making fruit milk shake but no solution worked. Even if Varun could not understand that his drink includes milk, he vomited after drinking. Neetu understood that maybe his system was not able to digest milk or anything else but gradually she too had reduced with her efforts because with every effort he became more irritable.

 When Varun started going to school in second grade, Neetu again felt the need that if Varun also drinks milk, she does not have to think so much for nutrition in the midst of the long study hour.  A glass of milk in the morning kept him full for some time.  When she shared this concern with her childhood friend Ayesha, her words made Neetu more worried.  Neetu thought that she would meet a pediatrician and find a solution to her problem.  After all, Varun's health and his bones concern are an important factor. Neetu reached Dr. Aditi with her problem. The doctor listened carefully to her and then laughed.

 "Is Varun weak?"

 "No doctor! He is fit, participates actively in every school competition, also good at studies, but my concern is for the future, doesn't his bones need calcium at a growing age?"

 "Well, tell me one thing? Doesn't he eat curd, paneer or cheese etc?"

 "Doctor! It is strange for me that if we just leave the milk, then he has not any tantrums for anything else. Paneer is his favorite and he likes to drink buttermilk. Cheese is favorite of every child, but is these things can complete the absence of milk? Do you understand my problem? "

 "Yes, of course! I understand your problem in a good way. Now for a while you will listen to me carefully. I will give you some tips that may work for you. This is not happening to you; it's a lot happens with children where they do not want to drink milk or milk sensitive. They are unable to drink it. It is very important to know how to reach other sources of calcium in the body. Milk keeps bones and teeth strong, but, when your baby is not drinking milk, do not force him or her to drink milk. I am talking about some healthy and other sources of calcium that you can include in your child's diet to meet his / her calcium needs. Please have a look. "


 Doctor Aditi placed the food chart in Neetu's hand and gave her point further:

  • Almonds - If he does not like to drink milk, then feed him almonds.  Almonds contain calcium as well as vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids.  Eating this will make his bones stronger.
  • Other milk - If he do not like cow-buffalo milk, then you can give them soy, coconut and almond milk to drink. The calcium present in soy milk also strengthens the child's immunity system. 
  • Curd - Curd contains a lot of calcium.  If he does not drink milk, then give him to eat curd, you can give it by mixing fruit in curd. In winter, feed curd during in day only.  Tofu is also a good source of calcium and protein, as it is made from soybeans.
  • Paneer, cheese - Paneer and cheese can be fed in different ways according to diet need.
  • Broccoli - Now it is easily available in the market. You can add broccoli to healthy snacks, soups, fried rice, etc. You can also add in his pasta etc. Apart from broccoli, you can also include green peas, rajma, cabbage in their food.
  • Orange or Vitamin C rich fruits - You can give orange or orange juice to your child as it is not only rich in calcium, but also contains vitamin C.  Yes, it is better to give fresh orange juice than canned juice.
  • Sesame - Sesame is rich in calcium and therefore include it in your child's diet.  The taste of these dishes can be increased by adding sesame to salads, pasta, soups etc.  You can make roasted sesame laddus by adding jaggery.
  • Cereals - Variety of grains is a great source of calcium in your child's diet. Ragi, brown rice, millets etc contain high amount of nutrients.  You can make a pan cake for breakfast, or add it to their diet in any other interesting way.

 If you are a non-vegetarian,

  • Fish - Fish also fulfills the child's calcium needs. Salmon fish contains omega 3 fatty acids, iron, zinc, iodine, etc. in addition to calcium. All these are important for the overall development of children.
  • Eggs - Kids love eggs anyway. You can give them half-fried, omelette or boiled egg for breakfast every day. Calcium is also present in eggs, which make bones and teeth strong.


Neetu had become worry-free after hearing Doctor Aditi's words. She understood how to overcome the lack of milk in the nutrition of her child. 

Friends, every child has a different way of liking food, sometimes they deliberately throw tantrums and sometimes there are really in genuine problem. As a mother, we have to face all these problems. The right advice and suggestions make this path easier for you. You must consult your elders. hey also have unique methods. Yes, do not force yourself with children or else they become irritable. Work with restraint, there is a solution to every problem in the world!





Sushma Tiwari
Sushma Tiwari is a Writer, Blogger, and Author. She is the Brand ambassador at Paperwiff a multilingual writing community. Join her on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.




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