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Coping Up With The Pandemic As A Mom

Coronavirus has taken a big toll on the human world. Especially for mothers and parents, it is a tough situation. Work pressure, daily family affairs, and tantrums of kids are...

Coping Up With The Pandemic As A Mom
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The role of a mother is a roller coaster ride. It takes you through many unknown ways that you have to explore on your own. It is overwhelming on normal days. And, when it is COVID, you have to be extra cautious not only with your children but also with others and the outside world.

Coronavirus has taken a big toll on the human world. Especially for mothers and parents, it is a tough situation. Work pressure, daily family affairs, and tantrums of kids are something that every mother is facing. In this article let's dig deep to find how you can cope up with COVID 19 as a Mom.

Mom of a Newborn

As soon as the news of the pandemic break, you are scared, tensed, anxious for yourself, and even for your baby. The stress of being a new mother is unbearable and this pandemic is like the cherry on the cake.

You are isolated so you must make phone calls, video calls, to stay connected with near ones. Turn your face to others and ask for help. When you share work or responsibility it becomes easy for you. When your newborn sleep, you also sleep to take some rest and give energy to your baby.

Start communicating and learning with newborns. The newborn is trying to explore things around. Try to imitate them, do some motor skill activity as per age. Call your baby's name when you start the communication.

When your baby cries respond immediately. Rock, swaddle or sing to calm a baby. If you observe that baby has a fever or in pain, then immediately consult with a doctor.

You have a newborn and you are a new mother. Hormones are still playing games with you. You may be angry and burst out in tears at times. But, do not think you are a bad mother. Be gentle and feel that it is just a phase that will soon pass.

Mom of a Teen

Teenage is a very tricky year for kids and even for parents. It is the time when they want little independence and some Me time. This COVID 19 also snatches their freedom, they miss going to school, meeting friends in person, and socialization.

As mothers, it is your responsibility to handle the moods of the teenagers gently. They also go through teenage stress and mood swings. Sometimes they burst out in anger. It is the time when you have to lose the thread of parenting.

Start assuring your teen to be open and friendly. That means to keep promises of what you say. Listen to them, think from their perspective, and ask them to come to you whenever they need any help.

Do not become a judgemental mother rather drive your advice in a friendly manner. This pandemic led everyone stuck at home especially the school students. Help them in their studies, play with them, learn some creative arts with them.

Plan a schedule of studies of household chores. Cook your teen's favorite meal together. Make the kid learn about teenage responsibility in a fun way and not in a boring and strict mom style.

Also, do not become too nosy in every affair of your kid. Give your teen the space that the kid deserves at home. You will notice the teen will study, have fun with you, share their problems and ask for advice, and share responsibility in household chores and even enjoy their freedom.

Mom of a Special Child

Understand one thing that disability is not a hindrance. After all, it is a sweet mother and child relationship that you have to develop.

Follow the instructions and guidelines of the center which you are following for your child. Do not leave your child unattentive. Make sweet, a short conversation with your child. Always be playful and drive the mischievous nature into something productive.

Engage your child with friends and relatives over phone and video call. Do not help them all the time. This will lose their ability to become self-independent.

What Are The Further Steps You Can Take As Moms To Stay Positive

  1. One-to-One- You must be a very busy mom and now that your kid is at home and schools are closed it is the best time for your relationship bond. You can spend some quality time with your kids. Help them in their studies, creative activities, and make them understand the importance of family. For newborn mothers, keep your stress a little aside and copy their expressions and play with them.
  1. Stay Positive- Whether a newborn or a teen, kids always drive mothers crazy. Getting angry is common. But, it will make you more stressed. Showing anger or shouting will only ruin your relationship. Use positive affirmative words rather than directly accusing the kid of the action. Do not forget to praise your child when they did something commendable.
  1. Plan and Structure- Pandemic has taken a big toll on toddlers, teenagers, mothers there lives. It's hard to spend time in quarantine. You already follow a routine and suddenly the routine is not working. What's next? Make your child know about the importance of social distancing, how to wash hands, benefits of wearing a mask. Make a flexible and easy routine for your kids, yourself, and family. It helps you keep the sanity of the family at the best level.
  1. Handle Kids Misbehave- Ah! It's something every mother faces. But in this situation, the case is a little tricky. Want to scream? Before you lose your cool and shout at your kid, take a deep breath. If you are seeing any misbehave, stop that right away before it becomes big. If the misbehave or anything bad is already done, then get yourself and your child ready for the consequences. Give them realistic consequences than something vague. They will feel responsible for their misbehaves.
  1. Family harmony- Mothers do have the pressure of maintaining a family. Family harmony and decorum is also important. Share the load in the family so you can get some time and relax. Children learn what they see. If you do not want your child to copy your words, then use positive language and words. Do not create a scene of a couple fight or else it will have a bad impact on your kid.
  1. How to Manage Your Anger- Sometimes mother's irritation, frustration, and mood swings can be blamed on the hormones. Hence, anger or crying is a common outburst. Stop it right there and take a deep breath. It's tough but it's very useful. Take care of yourself and take a break from work. It's ok to feel relax when you are a mother. Do not take all the responsibilities on your shoulder. Try to be a little flexible.
  1. Financial budget During Crisis- It's a tough time financially even. So, maybe you need to curtail your expenses too. Plan a family budget and stick to that. Interestingly, you can involve your kids to take part in this activity.

This way, it will help the kid to know the importance of money, how the budget works, what is the difference between necessity and luxury.


Overall, it is a huge shift not only for mothers but even for kids and family. Maintaining your sanity will only keep you going and overcome this situation.

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