Motherhood: The Best Thing To Have Happened In My Life

Motherhood: The Best Thing To Have Happened In My Life
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Motherhood is the best thing to have happened in my life. Here’s why?

Exhaustion, skipping meals, no time to shower, no me-time and a hundreds of to-do tasks!


Being a mother is indeed no cake-walk. You literally have to give up on things that you once loved the most. You would sometimes hate to see yourself in the mirror. You would rather shun having coffee because you get it only when it’s cold!

But you know what, I still love being a mom!

So what made my love motherhood so much? Did I just hire help for my kids? Or am I just lying?

Well, here are my reasons for loving motherhood so much. And trust me, they come directly from the heart!


- Prioritizing Things 

I am not going to lie, but before I became a mum, I focused on being the PERFECT lady. I used to do all the chores, completed my projects, had a gala time with friends and family, responded to almost all messages and mails and still had to do a lot.

But you know what was my main problem? I was unable to refuse anyone.

And that did complicate several things!

After being a mom, I realized I was actually an idiot!

I tried doing almost everything that existed under my household, but of course, it’s impossible with a baby or a toddler on board.

From meal planning to dividing my chores to even realizing who needs the most of me, for real, I started prioritizing things in an order.

It worked like magic!  And when I feel that I might forget something crucial, I tend to write them down on sticky notes and stick them where I would notice it the most. Apart from household chores, prioritizing almost everything, including people, has made my life so much easier and lighter. I now know what I need to focus on and I do that with full confidence.


- My Life Got An Aim

My pre-motherhood life consisted of only hanging out with friends, hanging with my husband and doing household chores. I literally had nothing that made me for focussed or rather more productive.

After becoming a mother, I realized that I finally got an aim. My main motto, now, is to raise kind, disciplined and empathetic children who can have potential to change the world we live in.

I want to ensure that I am able to raise humans who may be average in academics, but have  generous hearts. I want to raise humans who would think before speaking something lest they hurt somebody with words.

I have stopped focusing on just grades. Instead, I focus more on their overall nurturing. I look forward to learning parenting techniques almost everyday. Only to ensure that my kids, even if they don't get a massive paycheck in future, can at least spread happiness.


- Multitasking Has Become My Forte

All mamas will definitely relate to this!

Just after becoming a mom, I literally can wash dishes, cook a meal while holding a toddler. I can shoot an email and discuss work while feeding my baby.

Multitasking has become an essential life task for my everyday life. And following point 1, I can actually do that with full confidence.

Yes, messes do happen. Yes I also forget several things sometimes. But for most of the cases, it's a daily norm of which I have become an experienced candidate.


- Financially Conscious

So, now I have to take care of two tiny humans. From their food intake to their daily wear stuff, I literally have to sketch out a cost-efficient and a productive strategy.

And that brings me to focus on everything related to finances.

Soon, after I became a mum, I realized how expensive it is indeed to raise a child. From the very conception stage, this starts and undoubtedly it continues for a very long time.

Becoming a mama makes you conscious of your expenditures. You tend to (again point 1) start prioritizing and differentiating between essentials and optionals. As a result, you become financially conscious.

Yes, there can be moments when you might feel a pinch when you just drop out that favourite dress of yours. But trust me, soon you would realize that that was worth it.


- Respect For My Parents

Ok, no judging around!

I definitely did respect my parents and loved them a lot! But... I got to know them for “real” only when I became a parent.

Those tiny episodes when my mum used to yell at everyone, when she used to say how exhausted she was and when she just sometimes cried, made so much sense now.

It takes immense patience to raise a child. No matter, in which stage of parenthood you are, patience is all that you need now and would need forever. Which brings me to the next very important point.


- Have Become More Patient

This one is probably one of my personal favourites.

Being a mum made me control not just my impatience but also my anger.I try to stay calm no matter how overwhelming the situation is.

Whether it's my daughter suffering from extremely high fever during a pandemic to her not having the food no matter how much badly I want her to eat it, my entire life post motherhood is summed up in just one word- Patience!

Motherhood has taught me that patience indeed works. Especially for kids, who literally don't know anything called logic or rationalism, patience combined with immense love always, I repeat, always works.


- Mom's Intuitions Be The Best

As an expectant mother, you might read uncountable books and blogs on parenting and motherhood. But trust me, once you become a mum you would soon realize that nothing is stronger than a mother's intuition.

Whether it's about your kid's manipulation of getting away with things or about their health, mums just seem to know or rather have a sixth sense for everything related to their child.

Believe it or not, that actually makes you more confident!


- More Disciplined

As a mother, by now, I have realized one major feature of motherhood.

Your kids might not do exactly what you tell them!

But... they are constantly watching YOU!

From your conversational tones to your reactions, kids literally, no matter how old they are, are always watching.

And this realization pushed me to improve myself. I started organizing my life, sorting things out, believed in the importance of cleanliness and most importantly, made me more patient.

I try my best not to lose my temper no matter what may happen. Yes, for most of the time, I do yell out. But I try to control my 100% anger stage. Even when everything seems to fall apart and my brain seems to explode, I actually try to keep calm.

I focus on my habits, my manners, my conversational tones and almost every aspect that I feel needs to be improved.


- My quest to make my child a good human instead is making me better. Isn't that great?!

So, these were some of the reasons that are making me fall for motherhood and parenting every day.

The article may sound quite easy. Trust me, my journey was not. And I am sure no mom's journey is or ever was.


Motherhood is THE most exhausting journey of life. But, it is indeed worth it. It is!!



Nazia Afreen
Nazia Afreen is a SAHM of two kids and a freelance content writer. Apart from surviving motherhood, she loves cooking Indian dishes and writing her real experiences on life and parenting. 




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