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Confident Or Dependent Child?

by Geetanjali Rajaur 01 Feb 2022 0 Comments

Every parent wants their child to be a Confident and smart Child. No doubt nowadays kids are getting smarter than earlier but still they need support from their parents in every way.

Here are some important things which we parents need to understand about our children. It's been 2 years while all the whole world is Virtual now. Schools are in virtual mode nowadays. Here are some important points to be noted down and we have to stick in our mind while we deal with our children, which help them to become a confident and Independent Child.

Some golden words all the parents needs to say them gradually -

  • Trust yourself -  Always ask them to Trust on their own. Whatever they are doing they are able to do, never get upset or think that it is tough to do. Believe in yourself always, and never forget to tell them that you are always with them.
  • Keep trying -  If you failed once it doesn’t mean that it is going to happen every time you participate. Always keep trying, do not think that if again I will fail in this and if it happens then don’t regret always trying and the next time you perform it will come out better than the last time. So don’t worry and keep trying only because “Koshish karne walon ki kabhi haar nahi hoti”
  • Nothing is Impossible – Whenever you are going to participate in any competition you will find it tough in the beginning but after doing lots of practice and being confident in yourself you will find it easy, because Nothing is impossible in this world. We can achieve what we actually want to with our hard work and confidence. 

  • Never Give up - Last but not the least, tell them to never give up in any difficulties. Keep trying and trying only, what will happen only you will lose but you at least try it is the best thing ever. Make feel proud of yourself that you at least attempt this. 
  • So these are some important words which every parents needs to say, I am sure most of us are already saying these to our children but now days as kids are at home taking online sessions, I saw that many parents are helping their child sitting with them. I am not saying that sitting with them is wrong but let them do their work, let them give answers to the teachers. I am the mother of a toddler, sometimes I sit with him but I never ask him to give my answer, he always speaks by himself as I want him to become an independent and confident child.


  • Here is some of the micro managing tips for your lil ones.

    What are your opinions about this Topic. Please share your opinions and suggestions. 

    How many moms are telling these words to their children ?


    Geetanjali is a mother of a 4 years old little champ, whose name is Kian. By professional she is an MBA who worked in the corporate sector for 7 years, but after giving birth, he is the only priority. Now , she is a part time mom blogger, a part time home tutor. She also makes learning videos on youtube for kids and food recipes. She is a full time mother who loves to share knowledge and try new things.


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