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Pregnancy is huge in terms of everything for a first-time mother whether it is taking medicines on time, having nutritious food, or wearing comfortable clothes. Clothes do play an important role as they can indirectly affect the health of the unborn child. Wearing tight or uneasy clothes can put pressure on the belly, thus leading to complications. 

These days the market is flooded with maternity wear. In my experience, there are a few things a woman can spend her money on, which can be used later also. They are:

  1. Maternity Jeans Maternity Jeans can be worn in all seasons with a stretchy belt attached to the waist so it doesn’t put pressure on the belly. To be mothers can start wearing these maternity pants from the 3rd month onwards. They are budget-friendly and relaxing also. In lifestyle also, ladies can find these in various brands. Binge shopping can be done during the sale period. 
  2. Kaftans: One of the most stylish yet cool and casual maternity wear is Kaftans. One can opt for ankle length for staying at home. Also, knee-length kaftans are in trend these days along with cotton pants or chikankari palazzo. They look modern and chic at the same time. The strings can be adjusted according to the weight gained by a person. Anyone can pull it off and look like Kareena Kapoor khan. Moreover, the ladies can have zip ups so that they can get be used after delivery for easy breastfeeding. 
  3. Long maxi dresses: Another voguish option is Long Dresses whether it is in cotton or linen. These are relaxing and cool. One can get them stitched in their favourite fabrics and prints or purchase them directly from the market. Additionally, they are the most cost-effective options as they can be used post-delivery also. 
  4. Loungewear: Due to the pandemic, everyone is working from home or there are a handful of times people are leaving their houses. Most happening outfits these days are loungewear T-shirts and Pants/ Pyjamas. They are accessible in fabulous prints and all types of fabrics such as cotton, satin and even silk. They look plush as well as snuggly. I felt so easy throughout the day in pure muslin sets which were a little expensive but long-lasting. During pregnancy days, the summers went easy on me in these clothes. Also, I used them in the 4th trimester, i e, the breastfeeding time. 
  5. Maternity Bra: One of the important things are Maternity Under Garments. These are very beneficial. They come with reusable inserts which can be washed every day. Additionally breastfeeding in these bras, becomes smooth and effortless. No pain and pressure on the chest of the mother. One should also note while buying these, one should purchase a size bigger. After delivery automatically the size increases due to lactation. 

So ladies either pick up your phones or purses and get going with the shopping spree. Look fashionable and enjoy this new phase of your life. 



Shreya Pandey is a mother of kids, one is 5 months old and the other is 2 years old. She is a post graduate in terms of her Education level. She is currently working as a centre Head at Rising Rainbows Play-school, Delhi. Her immense love for kids has driven her to share the knowledge with every mom out there. Her passion for writing has brought her to this Platform.


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