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Brain Development Food For Kids

by Smita Jain 19 Apr 2021 0 Comments

Gyan ka Pitara for all the newbie and toddler moms..!

As fast as our little munchkins are growing, so are their little brains..!

And hence, the foods they eat are all so important because, what goes in is basically, what would develop!

As a mom, these all come under our bucket. To decide what to feed and also to get them to eat what we feed, it's mostly a mother’s job in almost 70 % of the Indian Families. A big job to manage. Right? We supermoms would go to any extent for anything related to our kid’s health and education. And most of the time, we manage it all, perfectly.

One more point I would add here is try to engage your kids in the food about what they eat the name, what benefit it is going to give to them and their body, how they will get good germs to fight over bad germs etc. etc.This makes the tough job of feeding healthy items super easy. Trust me, this has worked for me always. I don’t bribe or scare my daughters to eat. I simply let them know in their fun ways, and voila, it's inside their tummy.so, yes, make them aware of what they eat and why it's important and what benefit their body would get from that food!

Now heading back to where we started. Today am sharing about my topmost preferred foods for our kid’s brain development (with their details) to help all those new mommies and toddler’s mommies who might be looking for this:

Walnut/Akhrot & Almond/Badam

The no.1 preference..! Packed with protein, essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals, Walnuts and Almonds boosts mood and keeps the nervous system in check.

(Try giving overnight soaked around 5-6 almonds and 1 walnut on daily basis)



Turmeric contains curcumin which benefits in improving memory. It also helps in promoting growth of hormone for brain cells to grow

(Try giving Turmeric by adding in almost all the curries and in milk)


A full-fat Curd helps keep brain cells in good form for sending and receiving information..

(Try giving 1 bowl on daily basis except the cold and rainy seasons)


Full of folate and vitamins, spinach is linked to lower odds of getting dementia later in life.

(Winters are the best time to feed spinach as it's super fresh and healthier. Use them in Vegetable Soups, Lentil Soups, Chapattis, Curries)


Protein and fiber-rich oatmeal helps keep heart and brain arteries clear..

(Try giving oats with jaggery.in their favorite shaped cookies or paranthas. Kids love it. My daughter loved star and heart shapes)


Apples contain quercetin, an antioxidant that fights the decline in mental skill.

(Try giving fresh peeled and cut apple in the morning hours)

What's your most preferred food for your child's brain development? Do share in the comment box please and also if I missed any, I would be super glad to take a note of it for myself.


Smita Jain is a young and enthusiastic mom who runs her page by name the_pranktser_mommy, on Instagram. Mommy to two beautiful daughters, housewife and Company Secretary by profession, who is now just on papers.Trying to bring a little, if not much, change about the way people think about a mom especially the mom with daughters.

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