Benefits of Making Your Kids Do Chores



Tired of the super energies of your little ones in the lockdown?

Wondering if this is the right age to assign some household chores to them, then read this article to know how and why exactly you should do that.

The most important thing to know here is that these chores are being given to the little ones so they learn a little independence. The perfection of chores can be left on for the later part once they have grown up. Below are a few examples of age-appropriate chores. Of course, the list can have more items but it depends on the uniqueness of the kid as their interest in the work is one prime reason that can determine the level of the work they do. Some kids may do it themselves or do more than expected, others need a little guidance for doing the same work.

For getting the household work done this can be made as a habit chart and depending on the work done one can easily reward the kid so she is motivated to do more. Below are some age-appropriate chores.

Chores for 2-5 year-olds

Put toys in the toy basket 

Pile books 

Chores for 5-8 year olds

Set up meal table 

Water Plants

Make their bed

Chores 9-10 year olds

Simple Stitching

Sort Laundry 

Give food to fishes /pets 

After this age they can do a lot of things under guidance and supervision of adults eg.  using handheld vacuum cleaning, doing gardening and peeling or cutting vegetables etc.

Now our next question is what the benefits of the chores are:

1. Self dependence- Kids who are often very dependent on their parents for getting their work done will learn a lot of independence as they understand the ways of working and time taken for each work done. These are the best ways to make your child self dependence

2. Inclusion- Most often than not kids form a minority in the households so it is important that they feel included in the family. One such way of doing so is doing the chores. The more they do the work the more they feel included in the family.

3.Teamwork- Getting to do the housework to kids teaches kids one very important life skill that is Teamwork. This will help them go a long way in life even in informal environments.

4. Responsibility- While doing a chore of the house another very important life skill kids will learn is responsibility. They will learn the effect of the work they do, also the fact that they start seeing consequences of the work they do for eg. while cleaning the room they will realize not to dirty it much In the first place for they will have to clean it themselves later on.

5. Division of labour- Assigning chores to the kids and other members gives the family a very balanced way of doing work as the load of the work is not only on one person now. 

6. Time Management – Kids will learn to manage time though some of them will not be of an age to even tell the time but they will understand that time is not an unlimited commodity 

So making your kids do chores will be fun for them and a great learning for all in the family.


After working for 7 plus years in Banking and Insurance in one or the metropolitan cities in India.  Garima plunged herself into social media to find new ways to connect with her audience and impart all that she learned at their finger tips. A dance maniac Garima knows Kathak and has been part of NCC in school. She has represented her school at state representations and international levels as well.

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    Well done

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    Well done garima

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    Good job dear garima

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    Good read, its been a challenge to keep kids active, entertained, and engaged during lockdown timesdue to lack of social interactions…well written!

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