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How To Parent A Child To Develop A Superstar Personality

Personality plays a very important role in every person’s life. All kids have different personalities and the key is to hone your child’s personality in an effective way.

How To Parent A Child To Develop A Superstar Personality

Personality plays a very important role in every person's life. All kids have different personalities the key is to hone your child's personality in an effective way. I stress on a few pointers in my early learning workshops with young moms which can help their kids blossom according to their respective personalities and make them develop skills like social skills, language skills, academic skills etc. Developing these skills in kids help them to . Read on:

  • Do not label or compare your child with another: Labelling is the enemy that distances you from your child. So, stop comparing your kid's behaviors with others around them. Be careful with what you say to your child because they will always remember your words, whether you remember them or not.
  • Monitor their activities wisely: Pay close attention to your child's online hobbies, activities, and movements. Keep a track of their interests and new habits they are taking up as they grow older. An effective early childhood learning program undoubtedly influences the emotional and intellectual development of your child, so it is always wise to invest in one as it is the best gift for them.
  • Listen closely and carefully when your child talks to you: Children love to talk to their parents. But if you are often busy with your professional life and social commitments, and neglect to give enough time to kids, thinking that it is okay, your kids will stop sharing what is happening in their life with you, eventually.
  • Set a timer for TV/Internet viewing: In a day and age where everyone is hooked to TV shows, Netflix, Youtube, and other electronic distractions, your child may forget to spend time interacting with the outside world. They are at risk of staying away or refusing to participate in social games, real-life events, and traveling. It is important for children to be amongst and active in their surroundings, peers, and real activities around them because it helps in both social development and mental development in child. Hence, it would prove fruitful to limit their screen time and encourage them to go out in the real world.
  • Set Clear rules: One of the most important mantras of effective parenting tips are to set clear rules and let kids know that you are in charge. By taking charge, you don't have to adopt an authoritarian parenting style, just an assertive parenting style, where your kid knows that you love him or her but there are boundaries that they should respect and follow.
  • Do not be harsh with your children: We all make mistakes. Unless it is something serious or grave, discipline them gently and wisely or even let it go. They are also human, after all.


Therefore, the earlier you start investing in your child development, the more you will help your child to develop.

Effective parenting need not be stressful, if you are a little considerate as well as careful. We all want our bundles of joy to stay, well, bundles of joy. In order to do that, however, we need to make sure that we give them tools and resources that are right for them. Also remember, a happy kid is a healthy kid!

Aarti Puri is Harvard educated and the founder and CEO of Magnolia Kids, a primary school. She is a psychologist, writer and teacher trainer. She's starting her YouTube Video channel for moms  and kids soon.

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