Being A Mother Is A Tough Job

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Being A Mother Is A Tough Job
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Not even military training can prepare you for mom-hood, Yes! Literally, when you are a member of the “hood,” everything goes guerrilla-style. It’s a job that you need to do 24/7 and 365 days a year without a break and no pay. You never know what’s in store and what you should be ready for; that’s pretty much your mom-profile. You have no chance to for training. You have to be ready for all the curve balls that get thrown at you in this role.

Mom on the job reporting!

You have to cover for tantrums, sick days, and even those days when they refuse to shower. There are times when you have puke on carpets, pee on the floor, and even got the pet dog to join them. Your walls never looked so colorful, and you might have forgotten what color they got painted in the first place.

Food in pockets, marbles, and trinkets on the plate. Shoe in the commode and sock in the fridge. Sneaking through the back door to play, jumping in puddles, bring muddy feet on the rug, Wow! Welcome to kiddie-land.

Making baby food, changing diapers, and feeding times are exhausting and scary. We move on to bedtimes wherein every bedtime story should be different and whole of cuddles and kisses later… a tiny snore you hear, phew you think you get done. Surprisingly not, it goes on as they grow. Every parent-teacher meeting to the grades in school, fights, sleepovers, camping to first-time crushes, dates, boyfriends, and much more is what being a mom entails.

If you get through level one, wait for the next

 From a toddler to a teenager, every child’s phase gets chalked out for a mom to fulfill every emotional and physiological need. You have to take in their highs and accept the lows. Being encouraging, calm, firm, and affectionate for your child, you need to play that part well and let them grow into their own. They may leave the nest, and you go brooding at all those years, and how they have flown by, the joyful entrances, the tearful goodbyes all are part of memory lane.

Congratulations! You got through and rewarded love

You will understand why a mother does it. It’s the connection, the love they feel towards the child, and she doesn’t expect anything in return but feels the pure joy of seeing the child eat and sleep peacefully. She is the happiest when the child is having fun with friends and trying things on its own. The mother will find joy at the smallest of achievements to reaching the biggest goals in life. The child’s milestones or heartbreaks all are part of her as much as the child. She is there to soothe every boo-boo wipe every tear, lend a shoulder to lean on, and her lap for the child to cuddle.

Her life is full of your memories, achievements, and what the child has done, all those jumbled words and cute sentences you would call her for ‘Mumma me wanna play.’ To all the hip and happening slang words that you pick in your teens. However big in size as well as mentally, you will be momma’s Lil boy or gal.


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Keerti Pai
Keerti Pai is a freelance content writer for the past five years. Apart from being a fun loving mom with two teenage kids, she finds time to pursue her love for writing and has turned author with an anthology.




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