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Balance is the Key to Motherhood!

by Guest Blog 27 Jul 2018 6 Comments

Submitted by Feni Aditya Shah


One of the most amazing things that can happen in the life of a woman is motherhood. Life changes completely after being a mother. It would be very naïve to expect things to be the same after having a baby. Your baby becomes the center of your universe and in this process you completely forget about your personal life or life you use to have before your baby arrived. This can sometimes leads to frustration, which affects your life with your spouse or your baby or other people around you. So to strike a correct balance between all these is very important. Remember “ A healthy and happy you can nurture a healthy and happy child”. The following are some basic changes that helped me to get some personal times without affecting my family time life or my baby. I hope it helps you too.

Be Ahead of Time

Waking up 30 minutes early than your regular routine time will give you little extra time for yourself. Usually early in the morning when baby is asleep you can make most of this quality time without any disturbance and utilize it for completing your work, some exercise or just being with nature and enjoy the morning calmness before the busy day ahead.

Practice Time Management

Time management is something everyone should do even if you don’t have baby. You can make of your precious time by making a to-do list. Making a list of your work and schedule time in advance can help you to plan better with things related to your baby, household chores as well as office work or family life. This helped me to get some extra time which I could utilize to follow my passion- painting. So with more and more practice you will be able to avoid last minute rush and can easily step out without any worry.

Take help of family and friends

Family and friends play a vital role in our life. Without whom I don’t know how would I have survived. As a painter it requires a lot of my time, so during those hours of work my family takes care of my baby. It helps me a lot and also baby develops bond with them, which gradually molded his personality in being an extrovert. A win win situation!

Me Time Therapy!

Ok! This may sound selfish but it is a must do. When you are surrounded with multiple tasks on daily basis, completing them with a smile on your face can be sometimes tiresome and stressful. Especially with kids,the stress level is just going to add up. So in order to keep being super women,you have to give yourself some “ ME TIME”. Now this me time is nothing but spending some time on things that relax you that may be listening to some music or walk or catching up with your girl friends or you can just pamper yourself at salons!

Stop Feeling Guilty

Stop feeling guilty about the things you have missed about your baby’s development. Whatever work you are doing is ultimately for their betterment. They will be proud for all you have done for them and will consider you their role models one day.

So mommies, above are my little ways to balance out things and stay organised after having baby. Would love to know yours too in comments below.

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Feni ShahFeni Shah is a Home Maker and Mother to a Baby Boy. She did her Fashion Designing and is a Painter as well. She lives in a Joint Family which helps her to Balance Out Things well.
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Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this post are the personal views of the author. They do not necessarily reflect the views of The Mom Store


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22 Nov 2021 Sakshi Phutela
Loved the way you have penned down simple yet important things to start a beautiful day.
01 Aug 2018 Rani

Beautiful written!!!

01 Aug 2018 Aalisha shah

Nicely mentioned!! 👍🏼

31 Jul 2018 Prachi Shah

Really helpful !!

30 Jul 2018 Devanshi Trivedi

Very good suggestions for new moms!

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