How To Step Out To Chill Without The Mom-Guilt


How to step out to chill without the mom-Guilt?

I recently stepped out of my home to spend a day out with my friend in a flea market. Before few days when my mother called me, I told her about the plan. She said how you will manage to leave a 7-month-old at home. Don't you think you should skip this? I told her “Won't she be leaving me at home when she will grow up and chill with her friends?". Also, when she will grow up, I don't want to tell her that I made so and so sacrifices for you. I didn't do this and that because of you and brag about my list of sacrifices. I don't want to make her feel guilty in the future.

This is completely not selfish to take care of yourself and take me- time out to relax. We need to quit letting mother guilt keep us far from having personal time.

Being a mom, it needs some preparation time and a few Do's before stepping out to cafe with friends or grocery shopping . So that you can enjoy your day tension free.

The following are the tips that help me in having my guilt-free- time.

1) Partner to Baby Sit for the day Every time your husband steps out, you are responsible for taking care of the child. It should be both ways. Ask your partner to play his role as a babysitter when you step out.keep your baby safe.

2) Surround yourself with supportive people Regardless of whether stepping out or not, encircle yourself with mindful and supporting people. So that you support your psychological peace vital. You might find individuals criticizing your choice, don't get bothered. After all, you are liable for your happiness. I have supporting individuals in my home, which might be that is the reason I embark to explore.

3) Keep Essentials of your child handy Before leaving home, make sure you keep every essential item of the child handy. The list of those items are:


  • Diaper bag
  • Wipes
  • Extra pair of dress
  • Water bottle
  • Sterilized bottles
  • Milk/ Formula Milk
  • Whips, Hankies


4) Sterilization - Do it yourself I have been following the sterilization process of bottles, teethers, and pacifiers after every single use. I do it myself because I don't rely on anyone for this. Cleaning the baby bottles and sterilization process is a bit time taking. So, you make sure before leaving the house you do it yourself and keep them ready for the next use.

5) Call I called my husband between to check and know about her. Did she eat? Did she poop? Did she sleep? Is she crying? The list is long. I asked all these common questions and felt relieved knowing that she was doing good. I realized when you step out of the house, you become more anxious about your child. It's quite natural.

6) Charge your phone I would suggest keeping your phone charged before leaving home. My phone was almost dead while I was returning home and that gave me some sort of discomfort.

7) Coming home Come back home joyfully and guilt-free.

Let us know in comments, how did you overcome the mom guilt if done in past?


Sharbani Ghosh is a Delhi based blogger willing to explore her creative writing skills. She is a new mom who works full time in a software firm as Senior QA engineer. She loves to write short stories , blogs and also been part of one anthology. She is passionate about traveling and runs a blog on Travel, Fashion, and Lifestyle.


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