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A Safe Guide To Pack A Hospital Bag During Pandemic

by Anshika Natani 28 May 2021 1 comment
A Safe Guide To Pack A Hospital Bag During Pandemic


Many congratulations on your pregnancy journey.

This soulful experience of yours is, even more, overwhelming in the already overwhelming pandemic scenario, but as is said tough times don't last, tough people do.

I Anshika, a new mom to my greatest bliss daughter, share my quintessential hacks on packing hospital bags in a pandemic.

Let’s begin

  • It's ideal to pre-wash in a baby-friendly detergent and sundry all baby clothes before packing
  • Make sure you pack all your little munchkins clothes set wise and day wise in a transparent zip-lock labelled bag.

Let me teach you what my nesting instincts taught me

So as we know usually C sec delivery takes around three days in the hospital and normal delivery takes two days in the hospital, I recommend taking two outfits per day for your newborn.

Packing hacks for all the cute baby stuff

  • You have to label the zip lock bag like *birthday outfit 1*. Keep all matching caps, mittens, socks, vests in that bag same with another bag say *birthday outfit 2* This makes it easier for any person to know what the baby will be wearing day wise and once opened the contents of other bags will remain untouched and thus won't be exposed. Onesies are my favourite option as they are snug leaving so skin exposed as it were if you choose t-shirts and pants or shorts especially when you pick the baby up and the top comes above and lower lowers. Trust me baby won’t like it. Preferably choose cotton clothes that have smooth weaving at the edges. It’s the details that matter too, that being said pay attention to the softness of any frills or designers add on's. Snap buttons and zip closures are the best owing to the feasibility.
  • Keep all baby accessories like body lotion, baby wipes, baby washcloths, dry sheets, swaddle, blankets, towel newborn baby diapers, coconut oil in a separate transparent zip lock bag. 
  • Baby gears that come in handy in the hospital are a car seat, sleeping bag, babywear carrier and a carrycot. You can choose any of them. They'd be a lifesaver when used while checking out of the hospital as the baby will be all comfy in the same. So don’t forget to pack a sleeping bag, car seat or carrier for the baby.
  • Keep a milestone card; some say hello world I'm here for photo purposes to bless your Instagram feeds.

Packing hacks for all the mom stuff

  • The same goes for you mommy keep at least 3 pairs of nursing bras, nursing t-shirts or gowns, socks if you feel cold, maternity disposable panties along with maternity maxi pads, hair ties, lotion, lip balm, comb, dental kit, comfortable footwear, bath wipes and wet wipes to help you feel fresh packed in a day-wise labelled zip bag.
  • Keep sanitisers sanitizing wipes, sprays, tissues cloth and n95 surgical masks and gloves handy separately. Bonus tip: make sure the attendant with you keeps sanitizing the surface of the hospital room with sanitizing wipes and wash their hands with soap and water thoroughly afterwards. Never spray any chemical or fragrance near the baby as it could be detrimental to their health. Sprays can be used outside the room for example for the life buttons when the baby is not in the close vicinity.
  • Keep disposable bags in your bag for storing anything that is too spoiled to be kept in the transparent zip lock bags, so its contents can be washed at home separately without staining other clothes.

Why bother like this

~ To make your cute one doll up all matching without having someone snatch out every single outfit spoiling the crease of it for no good

~ To see your baby wear the clothes you imagined they'd wear for the first time and for the going home photoshoot.

Bonus tip: it's so cool if you twin with the baby in matching clothes or colours.

~ Since everything is packed separately after use they can be put in the same zip bag while cross-checking the contents with the label that's how you'll not miss anything at the hospital

You’re welcome ladies 

All of you along with your blessed babies are in my prayers for a safe delivery and happy times ahead

Mommies though it can be physically and emotionally a very fragile time, I have been there myself, delivering in a pandemic is insane but have faith in God, he kept you and the baby safe and here you are soon to meet the love of your life!!

If my hacks resonate with you, please share your experiences and this blog!

Love and light

Anshika Natani


Anshika Natani is a doting mother to her biggest blessing Gauravi. Anshika also happens to be a poet at heart and a double gold medalist in masters in mass communication and journalism. A romantic writer learning spirituality, living mindfully whilst embracing its chaos! connect with her on Facebook Word Press and Instagram.

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1 comment

28 May 2021 Shreya

This is so helpful. Loved how you covered all the details and even the smallest things special. Superb article!

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