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A Little More Understanding Goes A Long Way

Have you, as a mother, ever felt that you can be understood a little better so that it helps you gain some mental peace and cope up with the situation?...

A Little More Understanding Goes A Long Way

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Have you, as a mother, ever felt that you can be understood a little better so that it helps you gain some mental peace and cope up with the situation? I have and I suppose there are many occasions a mother might feel so, given that they multitask and try to manage the 101 things they do and are expected to do in a day.

When do you actually look forward to a better understanding by the kith and kin around? Here are a few circumstances put together. The aim is to put it all on the table for everyone to read, introspect and realize that they can offer what they are capable of, at the time of need, and add more warmth to the atmosphere around.

  • Help: She (the mom) gets tired, exhausted, ill, impatient and everything that you and I go through. A helping hand with the household chores, cooking, taking care of the kids like feeding them, engaging them in meaningful play and activities, putting them to sleep and so on can be proffered. She would be grateful.
  • Sleep: Sleeplessness kills energy and drains one out. She needs it as much as everyone does but always short of it due to her busy schedule, what with waking up and being awake for kids even past midnight. Support her in whatever way possible so that she gets that extra, much-needed sleep to keep her energy levels up.
  • Appreciation: Appreciation at the right time can do wonders. Small things do matter and they go the longest and the farthest in a relationship. It is after all your own wife, mom, sister, daughter or daughter-in-law that you are going to appreciate and yes, that will definitely light up her mood for the day or perhaps, even days.
  • Me-time: Apparently, me-time is some time for oneself which everyone needs and she always yearns for it, what with all the tasks and checklists that she manages everyday. Let her have her time for self, be it a pedicure at the parlour, a walk in the terrace or simply a chat with her friends or her mom over a call or Whatsapp. Let her unwind and relax.
  • We-time: Apart from the time for herself, a long or short drive, a little time-off at the nearest coffee shop (with or without kids, that’s absolutely her choice) or letting her hog on a DBC are some options where we-time is also underscored. She would welcome it.
  • Keeping up the energy: As overwhelming as it could get, there are times when her fuel tank gets dried up completely and she is at a loss for energy. Such scenarios need a lot of attention. Pay heed to it.
  • Empathy: That’s such a profound emotion. Try to understand (this article is all about that) and empathize with the lady of the house. After all, she is not a super-woman but is on top of everything as much as she can.

“How I wish I have a little help with doing the dishes,” thinks a tired mother at the kitchen after putting her children to sleep. To all the mothers - “How I wish…” is probably just what we speak to ourselves. Instead, let us put it forth and make the people around us know about it. Don’t you think that is a better option rather than expecting others to understand what you go through, a little better? Ask it out and speak it out, at least for one’s own peace of mind even if the response is not an affirmative. Also, hope this note has added some food for thought to the moms out there and the people who form their support system.


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Lavanya PanchapakesanLavanya is based out of Chennai, is a mother of a 14-month old tyke. She enjoys creative writing and has taken to freelance writing recently. As an HR personnel by profession, she has currently taken a break from work to take care of her toddler. Her other interests include reading books of different genres, singing and cooking. For any queries or inquiries, she can also be reached at


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