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7 Ways To Beat Hair-Fall During Pregnancy

During pregnancy most women face hair fall, it's quite normal. It has been related to hormonal changes or certain health conditions. Generally, it starts during the second trimester. If we...

During pregnancy most women face hair fall, it's quite normal. It has been related to hormonal changes or certain health conditions. Generally, it starts during the second trimester. If we go by some experiences, some relate it with diet also. If you take a healthy diet throughout the pregnancy, there will be remarkably fewer hair fall experiences.

Apart from taking care of my diet, I followed a few hacks and hair care routines which helped me keep my mane in good condition. I experienced comparatively less hair fall. From cutting hair short in my first trimester to changing my comb, I tried many things but was not sure which worked well for me.

Here is a list of a few things that can be followed to keep hair healthy and strong:

  •  Oiling - This age-old and very effective dadi-nani ke nushke is better than any other tips you come across related to hair. Regular Oiling of hair helps in keeping it strong and generates new growth as well. Oils like coconut oil, almond oil, castor oil, and olive oil are good for hair. Choose an oil that suits your hair type. I mostly use olive oil and coconut oil.
  •  Bamboo comb - During the first trimester, there is a tendency for the start of hair fall for many. And at that time if you use a hairbrush it will make the condition worse. Switching to an eco-friendly bamboo comb helps in reducing hair fall to a greater extent. It also offers some relaxation and easy detangling.
  •  Braiding hair – Braiding hair after neatly combing is a blessing in disguise. Remember going to school with braided hair? Did we face any hair fall then? I guess not! Braiding hair avoids hair breakage and unwanted detangling of hair. It also helps in keeping split ends away and avoiding fizziness. I cut my hair short during the first trimester but post-delivery when I started facing hair fall, I switched to braiding my hair. It helps in keeping it mess-free.
  • Wash once or twice a week – clean hair is important for keeping it healthy. Do not forget to keep it cleaned and wash it once or twice a week. Preferably herbal shampoos are good for regular use.
  • Pillow cover  - Do you know your pillow cover can cause hair loss? Pillow could be one of the reasons that you are facing hair fall. Pillow covers which are cotton can absorb the natural moisture of hair and can cause hair breakage. Choosing a silk or satin pillow cover can reduce hair breakage. Also, washing/changing them every second or third day and using cleaned ones is also one tip one can follow.
  • Avoid coloring and dyeing - Although hair dye or color does not cause hair loss, it can precipitate hair breakage. Try avoiding hair color during excessive hair loss.
  •  Hair mask once in 2 or 3 weeks – This is a practice that I started late but getting results quite remarkably. I don’t get time to visit the salon for hair spa or pampering sessions, so I chose to use a hair mask at home after hair wash. A hair mask once in 2 or 3 weeks helps hair to stay neat and shiny. Also, you will notice a reduction in hair fall after hair wash.

Let me know in the comments any other tips that helped you in the past...


Sharbani Ghosh is a Delhi based blogger willing to explore her creative writing skills. She is a new mom who works full time in a software firm as Senior QA engineer. She loves to write short stories , blogs and also been part of one anthology. She is passionate about traveling and runs a blog on Travel, Fashion, and Lifestyle.


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