5 Tricks To Get Your Baby To Kick You More Often

5 Tricks To Get Your Baby To Kick You More Often


The most beautiful phase in a woman’s life is when she conceives and enters motherhood. Post that, the 9 months of pregnancy are filled with some moments that are difficult and most moments that are memorable. The two things that most pregnant women look forward to are experiencing their babies’ heartbeat for the first time and their movements and kicks within the utero. 

The first heartbeat is usually heard around the 6-8th week of pregnancy, while the mother can start feeling the baby kick quite later in the term, around the 5-6th month. However, towards the end of the pregnancy, the kicks do get more frequent and rigorous. 

When it comes to movements, it is recommended to keep a conscious eye on the baby’s movements within the utero. This is to ensure that they move every 2-3 hours to be assured that everything is well inside and the baby is healthy. However, if you crave to feel your cute little mini-version kicks more often in the second and third trimester, then we’ve got you some tricks that will help you feel the fetal movement more often. Try these out and if you’re lucky, your baby will certainly react to one or more of these ways to encourage interaction.

Tricks to get your baby to kick or move more often:

Eat Something:

Keep an eye on what you eat that causes your baby to move inside. For some, it could be something tangy as an orange or lemon, for some it could be something sweet, while for some, it could be literally any snack at any time during the night or day.

Say Something:

Around the 25th week, in the second trimester, babies can start hearing sounds around them and can start recognizing their mother’s voice. So, try speaking to your baby, play some soft music or sing songs to them. Often, your baby will surely respond to you by means of a kick or a somersault. 

Gently Poke Your Baby Bump:

Move your hand over your belly and gently poke or massage your bump. Your baby can feel the warmth and touch of the mother and very often, will move or kick inside in response. You can also gradually start feeling the position of your little one’s head, legs and hands. But be extremely gentle while you do this. Being too hard or rigorous can prove harmful.

Use A Flashlight:

By about week 22, babies can feel the difference between light and darkness. Try shining a flashlight when you’re sitting or lying down, and if you’re lucky to have your baby’s eyes open around that time, you’d probably feel them kick and give you signals.

Lie Down On Your Back/Side:

During the day, most of us are busy with some chore or the other and often don’t realize baby movements within. So in between, take a break, lie down on your back or side and often, you’ll start to feel your baby kick or move almost immediately. That’s because now you’re relaxed and focusing only on your little one.

Have you started experiencing your baby’s kicks? Have you tried something different that has triggered your baby to kick you harder or more frequently? Do let us know so our fellow mothers-to-be can give them a try!



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