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5 Tips to Make Your Kid's Toy Germ Free

The immune system of your younger one is underdeveloped, due to which he/she can easily catch the infection. Young children keep trying to put toys in their mouths most of...


Every mother is always concerned about her child's health and safety. She makes many efforts to keep her child safe. If you are the mother of a little one, then you can understand this thing? But have you ever thought about making your kid's toys free from germs? If not! So you must think about this matter. The immune system of your younger one is underdeveloped, due to which he/she can easily catch the infection. Young children keep trying to put toys in their mouths most of the time, which puts them at greater risk of germ infection. So you should make your child's toys germs-free. Today in this article, I will tell you how you can make the toys of your little loved one germs-free:

  1. Plastic Toys: Little children tend to play with plastic toys. To make plastic toys germs-free, you first rub soap on them and then wash them with normal water and now dry them. Clean the electronic toys through a sanitizer and set them aside for some time.
  2. Cleaning of Soft Toys:  Many kids like to play with soft toys! My baby Akshita keeps her soft toys very gently. But I take special care of their cleanliness, after every 3-4 days I wash them in the washing machine, and after that, I put them in the sunlight for few minutes. If your child also plays with soft toys, you can also make germs free by following this method. Soft toys that cannot be dried through the dryer become heavy after washing. Dry them in the sunlight for five to seven days after washing. When they dry completely, give them to children to play with because moisture soft toys attract germs.
  3. Wooden Toys: Friends, you cannot wash wooden toys in water because they get spoiled. If your little one plays with wooden toys, you can wipe them with alcohol wipes. Put them to dry after wiping.
  4. Vinegar works effectively on Velvet Toys: Vinegar is available mostly in everyone's homes. Fill an equal quantity of water and vinegar in an empty spray bottle. Now spray on all the toys from this solution and leave it for about ten minutes. Wipe the toys with a wet cloth.
  5. Toys played outside: We cannot permit our kids to play outside due to today's circumstances. But even nowadays children play with balls or sand tools at home too. When Akshitha plays with such toys, I wash her toys with hot soapy water along with her clothes. This is an easy way to make those toys germ-free.

Friends, the tips I have mentioned are very easy to follow. Keep baby toys clean so that your little child can enjoy germs-free playtime, and you can also be assured that your child is safe now.

In this dangerous time, it is very important to keep our children safe. Do not ignore these small efforts to protect children from any infection. Do not let your children play outside; make proper arrangements for them to play at home. Keep your children safe; keep yourself and your family safe. Stay inside and follow all the rules and regulations.


cleaning the toys free of germs

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