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5 Tips For Positive And Healthy Pregnancy

by Sayalee Rege 28 Jun 2021 1 comment
5 Tips For Positive And Healthy Pregnancy


We hardly discuss in depth on topics like pregnancy, childbirth etc. So going by what we see on the television and internet most of us believe childbirth to be an extremely painful process. Fear of needles, fear of hospitals is very common. For most of the expectant mothers, natural birth seems dreadful and C-section seems painful. Along with these also come postpartum fears. It can be regarding managing the child or at times regarding managing the finance. Pregnant mothers need to take a chill pill to overcome these negative thoughts and head towards a positive pregnancy which is vital for the physical development as well as the mental wellbeing of the baby inside you. Here are few tips that I would like to share -

1. Pregnancy Diet
Forget all your worries and think of what you can eat during this phase. Having a proper diet during the pregnancy ensures a healthy pregnancy and a healthy child. Do not start your day with liquids as that might cause vomiting. Having soaked raisins on an empty stomach can help in neutralising the acidity. You can have it along with soaked almonds. If you eat five almonds then eat ten raisins. Raisins and nuts are rich in iron and minerals. Add lots of proteins and iron to your diet. Have milk twice daily. Do not skip having curd post lunch. Have coconut water everyday as it is the best source to provide your body with vital nutrients. Eat lots of citrus fruits and make sure to eat two bananas everyday. Include lots of leafy vegetables in your diet and preferably in the dinner. Avoid food that contains ajinomoto.

2. Take your medicines/supplements in a right way
It is important to take your supplements on time and it is equally important to take them in the right way. Never take medicines along with tea or coffee.
You can take Calcium and Folic acid supplements after having milk products. But never take your Iron supplement after having milk products. Milk doesn’t allow iron to absorb well. Make sure to take Vitamin C with your Iron supplement as that aids in good absorption of iron into your system.

3. Relaxation Techniques
Prenatal Yoga, exercises, swimming, dance therapy help a lot during this phase and also during the childbirth, but do consult your doctor before you go for anything as every pregnancy is different. Practising fifteen minutes of meditation won't harm in any way but is the best technique to relax your mind.
Listen to soft music. Read what makes you feel good. Recite Gayatri mantra. Try out healthy recipes. Make a habit of writing everything that you experience during this beautiful phase. What you write now can be useful for someone else in the future! Explore that little stuff you wish to get for your little one as there is lots to plan once the baby is out.

4. Speak to New Mommies
This definitely helps. Speak to your friend or relatives who have recently undergone this phase and are happy with their lives! Ask  questions, ask them to share their stories and how they dealt with it. This is surely going to bring in some positive vibes.

5. Discuss with your Gynaecologist
Your doctor will always help you if you speak about your fears regarding your pregnancy. Always trust your doctor. With the advancement in medical science, you can choose to have a painless birthing experience. You can deliver your child naturally by considering the option of epidural or you can choose to have a planned C-section. What ultimately matters is a trauma free birthing and getting a healthy baby in your arms.

Here I would like to share my personal experience. We always hear that 'natural birth is always good' and that is true too. But in my case I was super scared to face the trauma that comes from the normal delivery. So we discussed with our doctor and I had a planned Extraperitoneal C-section. In this type of C-section the recovery is very fast and one can start eating solid food the very same day. I have a very positive experience with this surgery and I recommend this to all to-be-mums if in case natural birth isn't possible, do discuss Extraperitoneal C-section with your doctor.

Best wishes to all the new mommies to have a positive and healthy pregnancy and a very safe and trauma free delivery.


'Sayalee is a freelancer by profession and is recently blessed with an adorable baby boy. She loves to create diverse content and now making her way through the nuances of being a new mom by experimenting and learning.'

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Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this post are the personal views of the author. They do not necessarily reflect the views of The Mom Store.

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1 comment

03 Jul 2021 Sakshi

Beautiful write up. It really helped me alot. I would like to know more about extraperitonial c section delivery . Thanks.

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