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5 Beauty Treatments You Should Avoid When You Are Pregnant

by Sonali Baidya 09 May 2022 0 Comments


Becoming a mother is a magnificent experience. While you're getting ready to be a beautiful mom-to-be, it's crucial to remember some beauty dos and don'ts as part of your prenatal care to keep your unborn kid safe. However, prepare to flaunt your baby bump in elegance, but keep in mind that there are a few things you must avoid. Let's get started.

  • Avoid hair dye during pregnancy:

You're getting a makeover and intend to dye your hair. On the other hand, Hair dyes are absorbed into the scalp, which is a matter for concern. Many studies have demonstrated that these chemicals can be detected in the urine of pregnant women a few hours later. Once absorbed by the body, some substances have the potential to reach the bloodstream.

It's debatable if these chemicals are harmful to the fetus, but it's best to avoid hair colors and coloring your hair during pregnancy. Natural hair dyes, such as henna, are a viable option. If you want to dye your hair while you're pregnant, wait until after the first 12 weeks. The risk of chemical injury to the fetus is lowest during this time.

  • Avoid hair straightening or perming:

In certain research, chemicals contained in hair treatments like ironing, perming, or straightening have been linked to birth abnormalities. These hair treatments contain chemicals that are taken into the circulation and consequently come into touch with the fetus. Your body may react differently to cosmetic therapy due to hormonal fluctuations. Because of the interplay of hormones, your hair may become frizzy following a hair straightening treatment. So, if you're pregnant, stay away from these hair treatments.

  • Avoid hair removing creams:

Hormones secreted during pregnancy make skin more sensitive to discomfort. Regular hair removal creams might cause rashes and allergies. Waxing your hair could be more painful than ever. It is preferable to conduct a patch test on your hair removal or depilatory cream before using it each time. During pregnancy, you can use a razor to remove unwanted hair or go to a nice spa to have hair removed with care. Before attempting any other hair removal method, such as waxing, electrolysis, or laser, consult with your doctor.

  • Avoid cosmetic treatments:

Many cosmetic surgeons think that cosmetic procedures such as Botox should be avoided during pregnancy. There is currently insufficient evidence or research on the effects of aesthetic injections on the fetus. To avoid any hazards, Botox injections are not recommended if you are pregnant.

Chemical peeling and other similar treatments should be avoided. Salicylic acids and retinoids may be used in anti-aging and anti-acne facial treatments. During pregnancy, these substances should be avoided in any skin care procedures.

Any treatment that involves high-frequency currents or injections should be avoided. If you're unsure about using any beauty products, talk to your doctor. Take any medications suggested as part of your cosmetic treatment only after consulting with your doctor.

Because the fetus is in its early stages of development, the first two trimesters require additional attention. Your unborn kid could die as a result of your ignorance. A miscarriage can also be caused by coming into touch with certain hazardous chemicals.

While your body is undergoing incredible changes, make sure you take all precautions to be healthy and keep your baby safe. A little tender loving care may go a long way. Follow the beauty don'ts and you'll be able to welcome a lovely baby into your life.

  • Avoid manicure and the use of artificial nails:

It is not advised to get fake nails while pregnant. The chemicals utilized in the process come into direct contact with the skin and are absorbed. The chemicals have the potential to harm the fetus. Chemical vapors inhaled during a manicure or nail extension procedure have the potential to harm an unborn fetus. If you're pregnant, you should avoid getting manicures and pedicures. Instead, scrub your feet with a body brush and your hands with a loofah. Maintain a tidy appearance by clipping your nails.

These are the 5 beauty treatments you should avoid during your pregnancy to keep the baby safe.


Sonali Baidya is a mother of a little boy. She loves writing and exploring new things. She has a degree of computer science engineer and by passion is a blogger. She writes beauty and lifestyle blogs.


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