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10 Bodily Changes Women Encounter During Pregnancy

Women body works in mysterious ways. It’s wonderful to experience the creation of new life inside it and with the process of creating a new life women go through a...

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Women body works in mysterious ways. It’s wonderful to experience the creation of new life inside it and with the process of creating a new life women go through a spectrum of changes in their bodies. It is a remarkable journey and we should live it by the moment. Some of the changes are more prominent and visible while some are not.

Nowadays celebrities are rocking there pregnancy by wearing designer maternity wears and going on baby moons with their partners and all. Although everybody is not that lucky to have a smooth pregnancy some may experience many medical problems during this period. So don’t let those Instagram posts fool you into thinking that being pregnant is all about glamour and glow. It is a rough ride to be a pregnant women whether you are a celebrity or non-celebrity?

So let us discuss some of the common changes most women experience during these 9 months of gestation period.

  • Weight gain: It’s obvious that when you create something inside you it’s bound to increase your shape and size, some women gain weight more some may gain less. But that purely depends on your lifestyle, your diet and your body type. There is nothing negative in that but if your weight gain is too little you should consider seeing your doctor.
  • Hair texture and volume: Have you also experienced that shinny bouncy mane during your pregnancy? It is due to increase blood flow to your hair roots and with the increased levels of Estrogen it will prolong the growth phase of our hair and resulting in less shedding and thicker locks. Although not all women experience the same some may experience more facial and body hair due to increase Androgen hormone.
    You may use waxing or threading or any other methods to get rid of them but always remember don’t use bleaches or any other chemicals which may get absorbed into your bloodstreams.
  • Face and skin changes: You may have heard from many that your skin will glow during pregnancy and those rosy cheeks and luminous skin is not only due to the joy of the motherhood it has its scientific reasons. During pregnancy, there is a 50% increase in amount of blood in our body making our skin look shinier and brighter. In some women it lasts for almost entire 9 months while others see noticeable difference in first or 2nd trimester only.
    However some women’s pre-existing skin conditions may even worsen with pregnancy due to the increased blood flow and changes in hormones. The skin affected with eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis may redden further and look more noticeable. And those who have acne breakouts prior to menstruation they are vulnerable to pregnancy acne breakouts.
  • Chloasma or Pregnancy Mask: Chloasma is a hyperpigmentation of sun exposed areas. There are dark brownish patches present mostly in cheeks, nose, the upper lip and the forehead. The exact reasons are still unknown and it can be present a person of any age or gender.
    The chloasma happens during pregnancy is called Melasma. It can be triggered by sun exposure or heredity and increased level of Estrogen during pregnancy. Even people taking oral contraceptive and Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) may also experience Chloasma.
    It can be controlled by taking vit. B9 and wearing sunscreen every day, using harsh skin care products like astringent etc. may worsen it in some people. You need to wait for a few months after delivery for your hormonal balance to get back to normal and if after that also your Melasma patches are not reduced you can speak to your dermatologist.
  • Popped out Belly button: If your belly button has also popped out during second or third trimester you don’t need to worry it no way indicates any problem and it will return to normal after pregnancy. It doesn’t hurt or anything and people sometime confuses it with Umbilical hernia. If you feel it painful or there is any bulging mass outside it than you need to see your doctor.
  • Stretch marks: Whenever our skin is stretched we experience narrow, streak-like lines on the surface of the skin. They can be red, purple or brown, depending on your skin colour. Mostly it appears in stomach or sometimes in upper thigh and around breasts. Initially you will notice itchiness around area where the skin is becoming thinner. Although
    it’s not a medical condition and there are no treatment to remove them however some people have more elastic skin and they tend to have less marks.
    There are some Anti Stretch Mark Creams and Oils which claim to remove stretch marks but there is still no hard evidence of that. However you should keep your skin moisturized that will increase its elasticity and make it less prone to stretch marks.
  • Increased body temperature: In pregnancy you may feel hotter than usual and your body temperature also increases due to several body changes during pregnancy, By the third trimester, it is like carrying around your personal built-in heater. Your growing little one gives off body heat that you absorb. Imagine having twins or triplets, yes two or three body heaters inside you and that’s completely fine.
    It is when your body temperature becomes at or over 39oC (1020 F) it becomes difficult for you and your baby. This heat stress can cause problem with Baby’s spinal cord and backbone developments. In medical terms this is called Neural Tube Defects. Fortunately it is very difficult to raise your body temperatures to this harmful level during pregnancy.
  • Swollen hands and feet’s: During pregnancy your body absorbs more water than usual for baby’s needs and to soften the body so that it can expand. In the 3rd trimester growing womb puts a lot pressure on your legs blood flow which tends to cause swelling in hands feet and ankles.
    One should keep a few points in mind for relief:
    1. Avoid prolonged standing, rest or lying down in between breaks.
    2. Exercise and stretch your body regularly.
    3. Add more potassium in diet like banana, squash, spinach, and coconut water.
    4. Reduce caffeine and sodium intake.
    5. Avoid tight clothing.
    6. Reduce time spent in heat or under the hot sun.

    • Morning sickness: In serials you may have seen that ‘bahu’ pukes all of a sudden and the ‘saas’ becomes very happy that she is pregnant. This feeling of nausea and vomiting in first trimester is called morning sickness and despite its name one can fell morning sickness at any time of the day. For some the symptoms improve after 3rd month and for some it remains throughout nine months. The triggers can be anything like certain foods, certain fragrances, being tired, or stress or motion sickness.
      In can be prevented by few steps:
      1. Drink plenty of fluids.
      2. Snack often. Avoid greasy, spicy and fatty foods.
      3. Pay attention to trigger and avoid pungent smells.
      4. Breathe fresh air.
      5. Take care of your prenatal supplements.
    • Backaches: Backaches in early stages of pregnancy to have is common and is due to the reason that ligaments in body naturally become softer and stretch to prepare for labour. It will cause extra pressure on pelvis and lower back’s joints leading to pain. A few tricks can be used to ease the pain:
      1. Avoid lifting heavy objects.
      2. Wear flat shoes.
      3. Take proper rest by lying down.
      4. Use maternity support pillow, take a warm bath and have regular massages to ease the pain.

    The changes discussed are experienced by most of the woman but every pregnancy is different and so are the bodily changes. Some may experience a lot of changes while some may have a pregnancy like a bed of roses. Never compare your symptoms to somebody else’s and if you are in confusion always consult your gynaecologist for answers. It is the time where you should enjoy a lot and remain stress free, unwanted stress may also harm the mother health and baby’s development.



    About The Author:

    Ruchi is a 24×7 on duty mom to a 1 year old apart from that she also juggles her time to manage her freelancing job and her daily chores. She was always passionate about writing and being a mom gave her so many experiences to write about.
    Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this post are the personal views of the author. They do not necessarily reflect the views of The Mom Store.


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