Parama Naturals Baby Shower Gift Set- Mom & Baby

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Baby Shower Gift Set - Mom & Baby
Ideal daily self-care routine for mom and baby

1. Turmeric Moisturising Face & Body Oil (100ml)

  • For skin toning, improving skin elasticity for prevention of stretch marks prone areas like abdomen, hips and thighs. Apply from the initial days of pregnancy, and post delivery till the sizes returns to normal
  • For an even skin tone, lightening stretch marks, scars, keloids, marks, application on any sutures for soothing and scar minimisation
  • For long-lasting and chemical-free moisturizing, and soothing dry skin patches with hormonal changes, stretching skin
  • For skin rashes due to changing hormones, weight gain or sensitive skin in intimate areas

2. Zingiber Body Oil (100ml)

  • During pregnancy for foot massage, to relieve pain with increasing weight and foot oedema
  • Night foot massage for tiredness relief and good sleep, and also for reenergising after sleepless nights
  • For managing back aches, stiff shoulders, cramps, especially during the latter part of the pregnancy
  • Abdominal massage for mom (bloating) and baby (colic)

3. Almond-Turmeric Baby Massage Oil (100ml)

  • For baby 's full body massage for supple skin and muscles, from immediately after birth
  • For baby's rashes like diaper rash, irritations or inflamed skin
  • For moisturized, nourished skin with protective turmeric

4. Herb-enriched Nourishing Hair Oil & Serum (8ml)

  • For head massage before hair wash or post-wash leave-in conditioner for nourished, healthy hair despite hormonal changes
  • To prevent hair breakage and hair loss, especially in the post-partum phase
  • For cooling, deep conditioning, preventing dry itchy scaly scalp, during pregnancy and post-partum

5. Turmeric All-Day Lite Moisturising Face Oil (8ml)

  • For toned radiant glowing skin, despite hormonal changes, sleeplessness
  • For an even skin tone, with natural sun-protection by turneric and sesame oil
  • For light, chemical-free moisturizing, for a quick makeover and a protective base

6. Enriching Exfoliator Face & Body Scrub (20g)

  • For chemical-free, pH balanced face and body wash, deep pore cleansing
  • For exfoliation, skin clarifying and skin polishing for a refreshed look

7. Multi-purpose Butter (15g)

  • For chapped lips due to hormonal changes
  • For cracked nipples during breast-feeding (only natural, vegan food-grade, baby-safe ingredients)

Dimensions (cm): 16.5 x 13.5 x 5.5
Weight (g): 300

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